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An Imperial Ball

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At tho Winter Palace tho other night, writes a St. Petersburgh wedding correspondent of tho London Times, the ball room was lit by five thouaand aix hundred wax lights, and the whole suito of saloons and upper rooms by twonty-six thousand bíx hundred. The exact number of persons who sat down to supper was one thousand nino hundred and fltty, and your readers may judge of the cost of the feast when I say that ono dish, of which there was far more than onough for all, was of exceodinglv fine asparagus. Now, they teil mo that asparagus in St. Petersburg, at this time of year, for a supper of two thousand persons, could notpossibly have been bought for less than four thousand roubles, or between five and six hundred pounds. This most dolightful of balls at the Nobles' Club did not end as well aa it might havo done. The getting of coats and hats and carriages was a most terrific and endless scène of noise and confusión, and we found it aa hard to get out as the guests at the Elyseo seem to have found it hard to get in. A whisper went round at ono time that a gentleman had fallen down dead in one of the galleries, but I trust it was an exaggeration. I heard an officor repeat it to the woman on his arm. Sho looked young onough and boautiful enough to be immortal, and she must have feit so too, for hor romark was, "How absurd." When a young man sits down on a ülippery pavement with such force as to barely eacape swallowing the roof of his moutu, thore ia nothing that will so powerfully prompt him to give indication of having done it on purposo as the satisfaction depicted in the svveot face at the window oppotite.


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