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lawsuit has taken place in JNortn uarqnna. It grew out of the attempt to stop a good man who couldn't sing from niaking the attempt in church. The name of the unfortunate lover of Bong is William Linkham, indicted for misdeineanor, and triedbefore Russell, Judge, at Robeson Superior Oourt. Defendant was indioted for disturbing a religious congregation. The evidence, as detailed by several witnesses, was substantially this: Defendant is a member of the Methodist Church. Ho sings in such a way as to disturb the congregation. At the end of each verse his voice is heard after the other singers have ceasod. Ono of the witnesse9 being requested to describe defendant's singing, imitated it by singing a verse in the voice and manner of defendant, which " produced a burst of prolonged and irresistible laughter, convulsing aliko the spectators, the bar, the jury, and the court." The defendant is reported to bo a strict member of the Church (Methodist), and a man of tho most exemplary deportment. It was not contended by the State upon the evidence that he had any intention or purpose to disturb tho congregation, but on the contrary, it was admitted that he was consciously taking part in the religious services. There was a verdict of guilty, judgment, and an appeal by the defendant. Not long ago the youthful Mr. C was engaged to manipulato the ivory on a church organ not far from the Hub. - At the saine chureh and upon the same occasion a Unitarian clergyman was engaged to offioiate in the pulpit. Both of these gentlemen left town the following morning by the same train, and both occupied the same seat, the young organist recognizing the clergyman, but himself unknown to the cloth. Passing the compliments of the morning the cloth queried whether the young man attended the Unitarian church on the preceding day. Organ said he had that pleasure, and asked Pulpit how he liked the music. Pulpit said the music would have bcon excellent if the piano had not been played in so loud and boisterous a manner. - Then old Pulpit asked young Organ how ho liked the preaching. Organ said, "Not at all ; the preaching was too loud and ranting." A gentleman in tho next seat who had listened to the conversation, and knew both parties, turned about and kindly introduced the clergyman to tho organist. - Lawrence (Mass.) American. A OHINDSXONE should not bo exposed to the weather, as it not only injuries tho wood-work, but the sun's rays harden the stona and render it ufeless. Neither should it stand in tho water in which it runs, as the part remaining in water sof tens so much that it wears unequally. Tho census of Galveston, Texas, shows a population of 34,350, not including the floating population, an incroase of ovev I 20,000 in three years.


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