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Our Militia System

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In these daysof tnililia glorv, it is well I that we should understand the j cy of our Militia. Tho folluwing, f rom I an rwohange pnper, Will do: 'The ínílília is the bone and grizJfe of; the country. It locksj bolts and bars the J ates of crcalion, and stands sentinel on o tallest lamparls of Nature's dominons. Tliis Ueuablic would be a miseablo consarn, but for the militia. It ceeps the ardent sperrits of militia efFuljence in a glow of lcolandio feveroshv. 'm attached to it myself. I think it's ich. The system caiCt be bettered. - ?olks cali it a farce. I don't see nothing olaft'atin it. Its a plaguey solemn )icce of bizness, when you comé to bug own to the reality on't. Tain't ody that cant put on the regitnentalies, and look like oíd Mará, tho god of war, wilh a decided touch of Julius Junnc Ccaze herthrown in the effect. No, ir-ct'. Thera ain't a bigger or more mportant critter afloat than a live milila ossifer, all rigged in the full calouetments of glory, with stripes lo his Dreecherloons, epeletts piled up on both his shouklers, brass buttons from head tew foot, silver stars shinin' in the tails of hls coat, a cap and plumo on his head. and a drawn sword in his hand. Sich a ait's enuff to malte fallen man und woman think better of his species. 'Tis indeed' "I bclieve the prelueent delirium of this destined Ropublic is centercd in its militia. It can't stand without it. With it, its proud motto is, 'Dividcd we stand, uniled loejall! "Stop cheering - you put me all out- "Gen. Washington belongod to the militia; so did tëippo Afri-cane-us; so did Boneyparte; so did that old Wizzingoth that ravisheled all Europe, and burnt lts fensesand slono walls, and so a'so, sod, gers, do I. ; ';I believe il' all our doors should burst t threw the parafurnailye of the animal ; economy and slide down the greased - plunk of ancesiial delinquency ker slump ' into the broad Savannars of tho smillin s landofasses5 milk and untamed honey 0 that nothing astir could poot 'em on bu :. the militia! That ar' a fact! Three it cheers for the militia in general, and the 1 9999th regiment in pertickler. Sodgcrs s groimd arms! t. "Who's afraid? Whar's Mexiko e Kaliforniko. and Oregon? Who's afeer edofAct.?Sodgersí The mortal 9999t; d can tl.rash the life out of that ar' yallai e half-Spanish varmint, that Mexico, an; n mormn, afore breakfast. Our motto ü 'Liberty and Death, noio andorever, on e and inseparabe Whooray for Mexas c Down with Texico! Let's lick lier.'"