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A Bit Of Rock-work

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Tliere is inany a shady nook and corner ,in the vicinity of country homes which might be beautified with very Kttle expenso - northern exposures, where the aun seldom shines, and which are left bleak and bare becase grass and nowers refuse tojgrow. Any time .through the winter harness the old horse and start for the woods to hunt up suitable material for, what our English friends term, " a ploasant bit of rock-work." An unusually rough stone, all over angles and uncouth projections, is a prize ; let such form a load to begin with. Next collect a supply of the unctious leaf nxold which has lain buried beneath its covering for many yoars, until it has become as dark and firm.a8 the most fastidious plant can require. These things, with the addition of some good sharp sand from the creek's margin supply the ground-work for the structure. In arranging the stones on the heap of soil do not atterapt any tnatlicmatical precisión ; endeavor to imitate 8ome shelving mass of rock, such as may bo found in nature, tho wilder and moro irregular in outline tho more effective and appropriate it will prove. With the advent of spring repair to the woods again, and wherever the little curling fronds of fern are just peeping abovo the leayes, with the aid of a strong trowel carefully pry out a good ball of earth, root and all, and transfer them to their artificial home. Thero are also many other protty and modest native plants which will thrive luxuriantly amid just such surroundings ; watch for these during summer and mark them, so that when the dormant season arrivés they may be removed with safety. An occasional trailing vino, clambering over and festooning tho surrounding shrubs will add a dainty graco to the hitherto unattractive corner. The appropriateness of rockeries has been frequently called into question, but this, we presume, ia in allusion to the practice of placing them upon the open, well-kept lawn - a custom which would seein to be in direct opposition to all the acknowledged rules of taste ; but in such out-ofthe-way nooks as we have suggestod nothing could be more appropriate or attractive. ,


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