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Jh'ood Flour.- The fnihire of the great " ilas in Burape 8?k1 England lias set rhrn to hinkng of atrange nrticlea of diet. The experimen's of Professor Atitenrietli of Tubenjen, ure quutrd, to eliow what a ileltghlful . flour mny be made out of wood. The wood is first stripped of ts bark, then cut , ly into thin sÜces. which are beaten to piecee, in a pounding mili, then mixed wiih the satfJust thal results from the cutting. The woödy particles are boiled in a íurgo quanfity of v Ier, ur e!6e subjected for a long time to ihc t idion of cold, by enclosirtg them in a 9trong c sacfc, ad beaming ur treading the,sack in a tivulet. The vood is next dried by the sun or fire, and nfterwnrds ground rpeatedly till i' r nssumes tho form of a röngh flour. Next it # is made inte cakes, wilh eome muCilagiñods s ?ubstance, baked quite dry, then broken up nnd : b jjround tepeatedly till the flour will pas9 thro' t a fine boíiing cloth. The Flonr thus prepared is of a yelí line, has the smcll and taste of cornmeal, but never ferments without the addiiion of som " loaven. With ihis it is frrade into a epongy j and uniform loaf, like brown bread. I Tlie professor says he tiicd tie eflects of1 ' this brend rl hifusélf and fannly, and vva hijihly pleised. It was agreeable aitd liütrVtious. We are frirliSed to think the Professor foilnd it convenient jtist at that time to give great varirly to his diet. - Cin. Herald. JVVtv Invenlion. Churcli be!Is can new be made of atrevas lns ben provcd by an rngenlou9 American mecnic in Oliio, from a sug gestión in an EngTOh newspnper. A bell, weighinij fifty pounJ?, mude of B'eèl, witt cost only about 90 dollurs, and can b'e heard twö miles or more. The advantages of this invention urnsaid to bo two-fold: first, it is so clieap that ever' chnrch muy have a bell of n clear, bril iant, musical tone. Sceond, il is so üght, nnd being stationnryj that even a slight belfry will sustain it. This nenly iñvented bell is rnng by a crank, nnd an boy can do it as well as a regular pnrib'fi bell ringer. For about S200, a chime of 3cven belJs can now be had.Look tíulfor the Collón oom.' Ñearíy 20 yeara aftcr Arkwright had begun' to spin by innnhinery, the price of a pnrticiriatf Jort of cuttoii ynrn, much used in the manifnctmc of calicó in EflgJand) was 2Ss per poirnd. The same kind of ysrn is now sold for between Sá ihd it, or one twelftli of lts nriCP, fórly ycars ngo. Ji is estirr.ated that 400,000,000 yards of English cotion clotJi oreannually exporled, and 400,000.000 used for home corfíiimption. The latter qmnlity. at Ca a yard, the cost -40 yeiirs ogo, would omount to Si ,77G,OÜ(i,000 1 If no more co'tton cloth is iiFed in Grcat Brrtain ihnn is absolufoly necessarj', Ihên it woiild anumnt to $70 a bead on a popupation of 25,000,000, at tne pi ice nhoe mentioned. Bul this Bomc cloth is now sold for 6d a jnrd, anti 400,000,000 ards costa tlíc pèoplo of Greal Britaiu only ?44, 400,000 ; or about &,'j for ench individual. - Ch. Cit. The PuriVms and Slavery ,-n Mrs. Child'e lliiitory of is tcld tlrai in' ofd trnies, vvhcu slnvery was saudioued in Mn.-saclnisetp, a wcnlthy lady in Gloucpstor. was in the hubit of givinL away the infants öf lier fertiale slaves, a feífr diys ufter tliey wtre bom, as people are accustomed lo ditpoie of o litter of kit'cn.- One of her neiglibors beged an infan!, wliich, in ihoseduys of cimparatïve simpücity, she nonrbhcd whh her own milk, and rearcd among her own cliildreu. This womHii had a il ea niest desire for a brocade gown, and her hutband not feelir. uble to purchase oue, sheseni her liitJe nnrsliirg to Virginia and sold her, when sJie was aboul seven ycars old. Il 'm well known fhat thcre is an agrarian party in New Yorft eniilled the "Naiional Rfbrmers," thn members of which go upon lije principie of votiirg to eacli of ihcriK-elves ♦' A farm." - Loü. Journal. There is olso a party in the Soirth, the members of which go upon the principie of voting lo each of tliemselvesj the' Aten lo woik iheir farms. Which ia ihe inobt dungerous ? - Cin. He raid. Important D'iffrrcñrc. - In 1824, the price of Wlieat in IlliriüN was 87 teñís per b iliel; it is now nie dollar. Curn wus ]l2K wufsj i is noiv GO ceutts. Cows were four dollars al head; ihey iro now froni 15 to üo dollurs. ' l'mk was one cent a ;oun:l; it is imw fniin 4J t o & cents. ijb.Adc. Hear John Q. Adnms, in his letter io his CMifetituents, daied Marcli 2Í, J-837. "If the national {roverrrtnent Ju noright to interfere wilh the insiituiio pf donie.-lic 6lavery in any of the fcstatci, what right has ihat paine government to hang on ycïïrr uéeks the millstone of Texas slavery 1 ré'-institute sla-' i'ery, ' u Jand Vlierc once that ctirsé of God ' fiad bee extinguished sluvery restorcd by f "rand and and the irhpoFturc of a xiiiited parlot, usurping the nurrte of irerdom? Forgcry is stiK1 a' capiial crtmfl Sonto Carolina. luán hne rscently bèfn1 eériteir.. ed at Char]ë6toi'to be hung-on' tliè lÖth' of [anuary,-for a-crirtiftöf thatíínhits I)otls.Wc see ii stated in an Rn [lisli paper, t int 17,000 sacks of awdu9t are onsumed aiumnlly, in Londöh; for stuffing lulls ulm Also, thát ónè toy manufacutrer iris int 11 knowri 10 perchase three ihoúiahd loimds wonh of doil's eyes at one tme--thaí ne linnilrt-d nd eleven persons are constanty ptril.yed in one manufuctory, in makingr mall Biznd dunl:ry--anci, tlat as mücll tiírtjer is anaunliy consnmed in making wooderí liorses for cluldren lo rido pon, ds wonld be' required in a fïret-rnte ship of war. Th is id iloinjr a large business, thongh it be for smalt matlers. Mr. Christopher Sewelí, of Boston, died á fcw dnya since fr m the effecls óf smoking fcgnrtf to an mmnderate extent. He had ofíen consumed thirty a day, which pernicroUi pracücc brought on so great a dobiüiy, thai he died from' the ruplure of a small bloud vcssel. Prqfilable Fiddlirtg.- Ole Bull has reccived. it s úd, in this country. ín' two" years; the cnormous sum of ($80,000, for scrnping catgut.' Cure for Scalds and Burn$.-The beat remedy I evor saw npplied was a linamon of sonp, made by mi.tiiig fresíi slaked limo and swóet oí1;' il ís an excellent articlé añd should be in every faniily. Só'says a aubscribier O the Farmer and AíecfínnicIt ís said that the wagons that are to con- cy the Mormona to California wilí riurhber .%t00, and will form a line of 25 miles long: íñ the front is to be a presa ánd1 type, frofri wlúch v bé issued every morntng a paper,lo be sent bacií to inform the rearguard Vhat id gotng on Vn ihe vnn! There is a banker in London, who has twrf fonf; one of them is extrcnely dissipatód, aiu] dróssf.-s in the pink of Jashion; the other is domcptic and striótly atfénds to the' 5'nnking busineáR;' which peculitirities occiaioncd a.' wag to name the first Coüitt, the othfcr1 Discount. A Sírong Foer.- Somebody thrw a ballot at Boston, cohtauvng tho following no mes: William Cnñimonséñse, Jacob" Horilfsty, Richard Straijrhtforwnrd. Peter Prudence, Tbbhras Econftmy, Alexander Foanioilnn, rteúler' Faithful, Saniuel Wind-yóUrbusinesV The South Carolina LegislattVr'é 'ádjourned on'tlie 15th inst. The House adopfed, by r vote óf two to one, the report in fnvor of transferring the elrction óf President and ico President of the United States, frarm the Lcgislsture ta thö ptföplé, '{and tbatthe elee-tion by thepeople ought tobe upon'lllo prin1ciplc of the gcnernl' ticket, the said ticket to. be cofnposed öf orié elector from1 each Cbn. grossionnt ÍJjetrict, nnd one ftoxxv the upper,undone the lbWer división of the State."" } Discñtiiinaíjon. - Tho idea of ' property m man taolra odd, when1 emb'odied irr 3 pravér. Tlie prayer of an oid alaveholder a , f relatcd by Gen. fliley, ill'ustrateá tbi: "Lord, blee me and my wife and my half of ; cufF."Juhn Q. Munt-.- Íl stated, upörViröthonly of those who fcnbw, !hat :ne nênlth of J. Q,. Adhrhti is very fceble indeed, and that the oíd gentleman is faat failing. He is nour in' Washington, nnd nevcr expects We are told, tore-vhsit New Erigíand. He Iras m pïeptfration, in a form suitnble fr leavirig" behindl him, hits own bingrnnhy, and life of his falfrej1. Dank in Pennsilvart!ti.-fé íeartf fróitt the Philufielphia papers, thaf, at the nest sw ion of Iho Pennsylvurtia Legislatura, application will be irtade for recliarlering fivé oié bonks nnd inè'ölrnoruting twelVe !i6 one withf au oggregate capita! ofl?6,{}00,00e' 1 Blunder.- The office öf the edUóY óf trrtf Albany Patriot was enfered a few ñigiits aó in quest of moncy. Tliey were foolfl iff n doublé sense - ftti, in breaking intoan tditor'ë oflïce, nncïst-coiidTy, in thinking to obtoin nioney in a'n abolition eiitor'sótfice. Aneditor'b monóy mny 'ommonly be fonnd stowed away securely in liia 61Jsiiber'B pockets. Tlie iemark of John Neal that iiii nover kneiv a inan to fty into a passioh' immedrately after patting oh a cleöri sfifrí,havtng been reeeniïy revived, thè èdïiot uf the United States Gazotte aómUs thé the tiuth as wel! as the píi'ilosophy of tho observation, but ndds that he has frequently seon a mart fall into a horrible excit.ment if, nftor getting on trre garment hd found re brf'io'n missing. Mork Forts. - We hear that an' ófficer hnsbeon disp3tched to make a survey of tho goverrim'ent reáervatron at the head of the Sr. Clair nver, nnd to fix upóñ a .sui table site for a new fortifícation thér'ó, in the place of the old stockadtejknown as' ["ort Gratiot and to1 mnke the nócessary est i ma tes. Thcy havo n' ch'amteleóh in Ñó# ÍQr' fi-om Borneo; it lives on aiV atSd1 més,and haáatohgue longer andsharpé'r man Mrs.Uaudles,. He whois always enquiring,'whf #il! people sryl' will never give fhem an op-" portunil'y to say any great things abóut nim. A Post Ofiiice hasjusf boen establiihéd atEagle AiVer, Lako Süpério being-Ao first institution ofits kiud in that remota