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i Inri Vean' Hxpcrk'iii't1 ot an Oíd Nurse. Mr. Wiuslow's Sootliing' Syrup is the prescription of one of the best Female Phy&icians and Nurses in the United States, and has been used for thirty years with never fuiling safety and Buccess by millione ef mothers and children, from the feeble infant of one week old to the adult. It correcta acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the bowelí , and gives rest. health and comfort to mother and child. We believe it to be the Best and Surent Remedy in the World in all cases of DTSENTERY and DIARRHCEA IN CHILDKEN, whetherit ariseB from Teething or from any other cause. Full directions for using wiU accumpany each bottle. None Genuine unlesH the fac-simile of CURTÍS & PERKINS is on the outside wrapper. Sold by all Medicine Dealers. 1436vl - i I I -■■" - ►-►■- - - Cbcap BaKing Fowdera are Atar enoagh in the end: the best is the chespest. Try Gillet's. T'lir Money Belunded to any person who finda any impurity in Gillet's Snow-White Baking Powder. Cliildren Oftcn Look Pale and Sick From no other cause than having: worms in the stomach. BROWN'S VERMIFUGE COMFITS Will destroy Worms without injury to the child, being perfectlv WHIÏE, and f ree from all coloring or other injurious ingrediënt usmally ueed in worm preparaCURTIS & BROWN, Proprietors, No. 215 Fulton Street, New York. Sold by Druggists and Chemists, and deaUrs in Mtdi' eines at Twestï-Five Cesis a Box. 143(iyl Ank Vour Grocer for samples of Gillet's Snow-White Baking Power, and doublé strength flavoring . HOUSEHOLD; Wky8 To all persons euffering -p . --r . rt-n from Rheun atism, NeurAJNAvJLA lftia, Cramps in the j. un xj-wjü 1ms or ?t0I?achi Bilious Colic, Pain in the back, bowels or Bide, we would AXD - sayi the Household Pan;ACea and Familï Liniment is of all otherB the remedy you want for inT A 11 T I Y ' ternal and external use. X Ü1V11JJ X j it has cured the above complaints in thousands of cases. There is no mismTTyrr-Vim takeaboutit. Tryit. Sold llVlljJN 1' ;by all Druggists.'


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