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The Bishop Elect Of Athabasca, In The

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northwest territory of the Dominion, has well earned his promotion. For more than eight years he has lived in the Arctio regions, seeing uo wihte men except the Hudson's Bay Company officials, and preaching in eight different dialects, in fact, distinct languages. There are very few fires used iu the región. The people live in snow houses warmed by oil lamps, and eat nothing but animal food. At Morris, 111., on the morning of Feb. 24th, thirty-six of Montgomery Queen's best circus horses were burnedup, together with his canvas, wagons and much other material bolongiug to his circus. The origin of the flre is unknown, but supposed to be incendiary, as 110 fire was allowed on the grounds. As soon as the Congressional Chaplain closes his prayer iu the House, tho members begin au almost general clapping of hands, the method they have of calling pages to their side.. Recently an elderly gentleman was present at such a scène for the first time, and exolaimed. " Well, that beats me ! I don't see anything in that prayer worth cheering." A Delaware physician grafted a piece of his skin (white) on the body of a negro. It grew but at the end of three months it was as black as the surrounding cuticule. The Pope is gathering all the sacred relies in froni the various monasteries and nunneries where they have reponed from time immemof ial, and placing them the Vatican.


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