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The Indians

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Omaha, March 4.- Maj. Gen. Ord furnishes the following extracts of letter of agent Saville to Col. Smith at Port Laramie : " Theio havo been no disturbanccs since the last dispatch. Many Indians have left home with the cnconcealed intentiou of joining the war party. Affairs so oomplicated among them that troops will be needed to protect the ag6ncy. Crazy Horse is on the war path. The Cheyennea seem determined to keep the peace. Now is the time for troops to reach the agency, but I would respoctfully suggest not to depend on too small a forcé. Two thousand Indians could be concentrated here in a short time. A regiment, once inside this stoekade, could defend it against any force thoy could raise, but the diffioulty is to get here. The Indians have sentinels all over the country, and keep a lino on the Platte, so that a force starting from the fort would be preceded by the Indians. I think if troops start at sundown and ride through without delay we could hold the agency till they arrive. The Indians can be taken by surprise now, but two weeks later they will surprise us. We will stand on the defensivo till you arrive. I would suggest that you do not start till my messengers arrive, as unless we are fully prepared we would probably all be killed before you could get here. The bands here mean war, though a large part of the Indians now here will accept the situation when the troops onco get hore." The troops that left Fort Laramie on Monday will reach the agency this evening or in tho morning, and will relieve the employés. There seems to be noquestion but that thero will bo war, but the scène of trouble is so far removed from the eettlements, that no fears whatever are entertained that they will bo troubled. A clergyman in one of the St. Alban's churchos, being very much annoyed by a married man whispering and laughing among a lot of girls, last Sunday, and failing to quiet them by sharp looks and pauses, finally stopped in tho midst of his sermón and prayed for the ofl'enders. The Council of the evangelical Alhance has addressed a circular to the members of the Brittish and American organizations of the body, and to Christians generally, to set aside Tuesday, the 17th of March (St. Patrick's day,) as a day of special prayer for Ireland. It was " crush" - the recent assembly ball at Washington. A correspondent notes how " Miss Nollie Grant went into the ball -room with a new puffed illusion that was garlanded with flowers. She came out in a cambric potticoat from the knees down." The Socretary of the Treasury has directed the Assistant Treasurer at New York to sell $3,000,000 in gold for the month of March, as follows: Ou the first and third Thursdays, each, $1,000,000, and on the second and fourth Thursdays each, $500,000.


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