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Ann Abbob, TiunsDAï, llar. 5, 1874. Arpi.F.8- Green, 60@80c. Butteb- 24@32c. Beef- From wagon, $60.0. Coen- Old 65@75- New.65 &70c. perbu. Chickens- Dressed 9@10c. Deessed Hoos,- $0.50 Eggs- Command 10c. Hat- $10-3)10 per ton, according to qunlity. Honey - In cap, 25@00c. Labd- The market stands at 8(5ic. Omoss- $2.00. OAT8- 42@45c. PoTATOES- 80@90c. TuBNirs- 30@48c. Whkat- White íl.40@1.4;; Amberíl.30@l.S3 Tubkets- 10@llc. Detroit ProduceMarket. Latest qnotations for leading articles of country produce - Mar. 5 , are as f ollows : Wheat- white, $1.38@1.05 ; amber 1.30@l 44 Bablet- $2.40.@3.T5 per cental. Eïe- 98c. per bu. Cobn- 60@65c. Oats- 47@49c. Potatoes- 1.00c@1.12c. Dbessed Hoos- $7'00@$7.35. Hay-$14@$22 BüTTEE- 33!5)35c. Eaos- 17@2Oc. Labd- 9@10c. Honet- 18@23c. Wool- 35@42c. per lb. Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free Press. Michioaü Cekteal Cattle Yards ) Mouday, March 2. J The buBiness at theso yards for the week was almost entirely confined to receiving lots in transit for seaboard points. Locally but little was done to establish prices, the stock received being of poor qualities and indicating an exhaustion of choice market stock. The roceipts, operations and prices are almost the same as during the same week last year, and for the month just closed in this year the prices were as good, notwithstanding tho stringency of the money market. Tho scarcity of really choice cattle and hoga occurs at this period almost every year, and anythiug of that grado comes chiefly from regions where stock can be iattened at the least expense. Receipts for tho week and corresponding week last year, and also months, are given below: Cattlo. Hors. Sheep. Week ending March 3, 1873, 117 642 1,090 Week ending March 2, 1874, 217 67 1,892 Month of February, 1873, 1,798 5,905 11,332 Month of February, 1874, 1,434 994 22,976 From other States the rocoipts wero : Cattle, 1,261 ; hoge, 447, and Bheep, 1,080. CATTLE. Tlie market opened gloomily uuder a Tery light supply. The home demand waa difficult to satisfy, because of their poor qualities which were in the yards. By the latter part of the day mostly all lots in were closed out under fair prices. Choice grades brought $5aó 25 ; medium, $4a4 25, and scraggy lots by the head at about f2 60a3. Operators expressed themselves indifferent to buying anything while the present qualities are being run in, asserting that they would have to " go West " somewhat f urther. HOOS. This department is emphatically playedjout, nothing coming in that could be 6tyled marketable. In fact, there is no demand just now, but a fine class of block hogs would probably bring f 5a5 25, as often butchers frequent the market having such purchases in view. SnEEP This articlo has also had its run, and receipts have fallen off greatly. Prices, under the light run, were well inaintained, first qualities selling for $5 öOaO ; medium, $5aö 25, and third grades for $4 25a4 50. The home demand was better, there being more hope amoug buyers aa to ruling prices of mutton and pelts for the coming month. Kiso's Cattle Yards, } Detroit, Monday evening, March 2. J CATTLE. There were lesa cattle at these yards thi moruing than has been uoted for more than a year. Thero were two reasous for this ; the bad condition of tho roads is one, but the principal reason was the fact of so many drovers meeting with a loss of $5 to $10 a head last week, and the week before on most of their parchases, and they do not propose to do busines without they can sec a margin. Tho natural consequenco was tliat the market was quick this morning at an advanoe of l-lal-2c, witli more scabs than good cattle to select Irom. We givo corrected quotations : Choice beeves, young, Urge, well fattened, weighing f rom 1,200 to 1,400 lbs. H 50 a 5 00 Good beeves, well fattened ,steers and heifers, averaging 1,050 to 1,100 lbs, 3 25 a 3 7fi Medium grades, fair steers, averaging 950 to 1,050 lbs., 2 50 a 2 75 Working cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,000 to 1,600 lbs., 3 50 t 4 00 Cows, common to choice, 3 00 a 4 00 Common stock, medium steers, and fair to extra cows, in de1 cent flesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 2 00 2 7i


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