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More " Siamese Twins."

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On Saturday, the 7th inst., pubhcation was made, says the Baltimore Sun, of the birth, on the previous Wednesday, at Tobacco-Btick, Dorchester County, of fcinale twins, who were joined at the breast in a manner more wonderful than the late Siamese twins. 'JL'be JJorchester twins wero of. colored parentage. One of the twins was alive at birth, but died in a few seconds thereafter. The other, when born, was dead. The one flrst ushered into the world bore the impress upon its face of a gemiine negro, while the complexion of the other was like that of a white person, and its hair less kinky than its sister's. Dr. La Count Smith, of Tobacco-stiok, who became possessed of the bodies of the twins soon af ter their birth, arrived in this city yesterday afternoon for the purpose of having their bodies properly preserved, which will be done by placing them in an aquarium-shaped vessel filled with alcohol. Last night the Dorchoster monstrosities were exhibited at the office of Dr. J H. Tall, corner of Sharp and Lee streets, in presence of several medical gentlemen. The bond of union connecting the bodies of these twins extends from the center of the breastbone to the navel, thus placing the bodies face to face. The bodies are wellformed and weigh ten pounds and a half, and measure eighteen iaches in length. The physicians who were present at Dr. Tall's office last night gave it as their opinionB that each of the twins possessed separate stomachs, hearts, livers, etc, and that a wall separated the stomachs along that part where the bond of union exists. Tho only case on record where a similar bond of union ever existed is in the London Museum, and like the Dorchester novolty, the twins were females.


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