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Importance Of Birds To Agriculture

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It is fully understood that the insect kingdom furnishes the principal eneinies to vegetable life, and that without some nieans of restraining their increase- such are their natural po wers of reproduction, and capacity for destruetion - tho fertility of the earth wonld bo useless, as the voracity of these noxious insects would destroy all vegetation before rnaturity. The Creator of the universo, in Ilis construction of tho world, and endowing it with animal and vegetable Ufe, has displayed Ilis infinite wisdom by a systein of checks and balances by meansof which the harmony of croation is preserved. To restrain an extraordinary increaso of vegetablo destroying insocts, Ho has created the birds, whoso iustincts and necessities prompt them to the rnost wholesale slaughtcr of the living encimes to vegetable life. If any of us will but patiently observe, from timo to time, Ihu birds in our orchard or garden as they dextcrously eapture their pray, their agility, skill and industry will excite our admiration, and convey to us an idea of the vast nuraber of noxious insects destroyed daily by a singlo bird. Then, it' all this be trae, why should wo pormit our birds to bc killed, when we know that for evmy one 80 killed there is an increaso in the niiinber of insects in goometrical ratio p Kxperience has proven, in all parts of tho world, that whencver human agency has been pormitted to iutorfere with the harmony of nature's laws, by diminishing the number of birds, remarkable results have immcdiately followed in tho destruction of crops, orchards, vinoyards, etc. Then, I say, let us protect, by all means, our birds, and encourago their presonco ; let us teach our children to understand their usefulness, and to lovo them for their graccful agility, for their beauty and song ; let us teach thora to despiso the vagabond who wantonly shoots our birds or disturbs their nests ; that while our woods and orchards, fields and gardens aro protocted and preserved by their presence and made vocal with merry music, teaching us lessons of industry and happiness, it is our privilege to enjoy but not to JBiííñflfln


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