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The Passions In The Conduct Of Life

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Great passions may co-cxist with a very loose stato of talent, and great talents with a very low stato of passion.- Nor does it by uny mcans appear that tho cold-bloodod raco of men are intended to act a less conspicuous part on the theater of the world than thoso whoso passions are the most acute and most irritable. - The Hberty of Europc has lately boen threatened by n man of most impetuous passions ; and tha independence of America was ostablished by a man who certainly had his passions under tho most perfect coOimand. When wo compare together the retarding and the impelling part of the inachiuery, it would be crudo and hasfy language to give one prefèrenoe over the other. If there be a man who has great passions which he can command and obey, according to circumstances, such ft man must in the end bo greater thau all others of equal talent. It is the groat pa,sions alono that' cnablo men to distiuguish betweon what is difticult and what is iuipossible ; a distinction that is always confounded by morely sensible men, who do not even suspect tho existenco of thosc mcans whicli men of genius employ to effect their object. It is to their passions alone, under tho Providence of God, that nations must trust when penis gather thick about them, and their last moment seems to be at hand. - There are seasons in human affairs when qualities, fit enough to conduct tho common business of lito, aro fceblo and useless, and when men nutst trust to emotion tor that safety which reason at such times can never give. These are tho feelings that led tho 10,000 over the Carduchian mountains ; by these, a handful of Greeks broke in pieces tho power of Persia ; they have by turns humbled Austria, reduced Spain, and in the fens of the Dutch, and on the mountains of the Swiss, defended the happiness and revenged the oppressions of men ! God calis all the passions out in their keeuness of vigor for the sent safoty of


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