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Wheat And Vigor

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The following from tho Science of Health deserves tho attention of all. The facts it contains are of tho greatest moment : " Nothing is more sure in tho chemistry af life, than that great whoat eaters are great thinkors, or that the phoBphorous which wheat contains, inthoouterkernel, immediately beneath the husk, is the feeder of brains, and the material substance which provokes tho thought, study and reason, and all the forma of nervous onorgy. Thero are physiologists who attribute the reinarkablo success of States liko Ohio, Indiana and Illinois to the bounty and perfection of the wheat erop, and the intellcctual stimulus, or rathor food which it affords tho brain. " Certtvinly no Commonwealth in the world has evinced a higher sonso of law and order, or more rapidly developed a social System which has no cqual in tho world. The constitutiou of Indiana for instance, tho very center of tho wheat zone, beyond comparison tho best in the Union, and produces the highest results in our civilization. " There is a Southern wheat belt, which includes Australia in part, South √Āfrica, New Zealand, and a part of South America, where a civilization equal to that of the central North of the United States is growing up. " But tho valuo of wheat as a civilizer will nover bo fully realized until wheat meal takes takes the place of bolted flour, and the peoplo learn to make bread without yeast or risings - good bread is emphatically the " staff of lifo ;" but the commercial article is tho way to dyspepBia and permaturo death."


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