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Sleep For Farmer's Wives

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A farmer's wife writea a letter to the Rural New Yvrlcr which sho wants tho "menfolks" to read. It is a ploa for more sleep. llave you a wife, she says, who goes about iu a listless, spiritless fashion, as though she could but just drag herself along 'í Or is she cross and fretful, and do you wonder how slic carne to have 8uch a tender ? Ten to one, all she iioeds to niako her bright and happy is rest, sleep, and loving words. Hiro efficiënt help, that tho wifo who has passed a restless night niay take advantago of baby's morning nap and tako one of her own, or, if she choose, lic down in the afternoon and uiako up the lost sleep. You can afford it if yuu will. Do you begrudge $100 a year tor your wife's comfort and health ? Why nobreeding mare would ever bo worked as some men work their wives! Give wornen their home rights, help them to bear their burdens ; give them a fevrkind, loving words evefy day, and you wïll havo hcalthier and happier wives, ohildron and homes.


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