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The Great Towns In England

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The population of sevonteen of the largost towna in England, accordiug to tho census of 1871, is as follows: London, 3,251,804; Liverpool, 493,346; Manchester, 355,655 ; Birmingham, 343,696 ; Leeds, 259,201 ; Sheflield, 239,947 : Bristol, 182,524, Bradford, 145,727 ; Nowcastlo, 127,160; Salford' 124,505; Huil, 121,598; Portsmouth, 111,494; Nottinghara, 86,608; Norwich, 80,390 ; and ‚Ė†Wolvorharnpton, 68,278 -making a total of 6,188,233, against 5,299,424 in 1861, and 4,454.140 in 1851. The population of London in 1871, as given above, is 3,251,804, against 2,803,989 in 1862 and 2,362,239 in 1851. The aggregato population of tho sixteen largestjtowus next to London is 5,936,4?,9 in 1871, against 2,494,420 in 1861 and 3,091,904 in 1851. To cure a wart on a horse, take a common suture noedle, a large sewing needle will do, but if slightly crooked at the point, better; throad it with a doubl√© cord, each ono oontaining three threads of fine saddler's thread well twisted and waxed. Pags tho needle through the center of tho wart close to the skin, drawing tho thread half way through. Cut tho cord next to the needle, and tie oach half separately with a surgeou's or other secure knot, as tightly as possible. Cut tho ends off close to the knot, and tb wart will Boon disappear. If the wart is stuall at the base, the cord inay be tied around it as close to the base as possible, and the same end will be aceomplished.


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