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Something For Day Laborers

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Wc wiuld eorncstly commend to the no tiro of all poor, hnrd laboring, tax-paying journeymen wiiose wages are'docked' thirtythree per cenf, if they ore obsent from their woik an Iiour and a lialf - we say wc would commend to their meditalion the following lablc ofstatittic s of itÜeness and high pay nnd living at ilieir expense. Perhaps many minded persoi.s nrc not o ware thai whiiolhcy thcraselvcs recoive no wages wliile awny from labor, the men they 6iipport are paid fat salaries while tcailimg orders, as it is callcd. A captain in the Navy gets 83,500 a yeor for 'waiting ordera' - or ns much as seven milistera of the gospeel while in actual pervice of their ftlaster. A Lieutenant receives .lL00and his rations, or board, foi waiting order? - as mnch aa four stout blacksrniihs receive for working evory day in the ycar. Piow we have been looking into the Naval Register for 1845, and we find that the foliowing propor.ion of naval ufficers were Waitfno Ordkrs or on Leave of Absfncr: 23 of 68 Captaipj, receiving 897,500 56 of 96 Commandunta T' 100. 800 109 of 327 Lieutenant " 130,009 18 of 60 Surgeons " L7,000 5 of 26 Poseed Asstat. do. " 4,2')0 4 of 41 Ass:.8tant do. " 2,600 IC of 61 Purscro " L4,000 7 of 23 Clnplaius " 5,600 23 cf 159 Passcd Mid. " 13,800 70 of 314 Midshipincn " 21.000 12 of 31 Mas'ers " 9,000 Sof 11 Mastcr's Mates " 60 2 of 22 Prof. Math'tics " 2,00 3 of 30 Bontswains 1,080 4 of 40 Gutiners " 1,440 4 of 36 Ciirpenters 1.440 6 of SI Sailmukers L,160 269 1S91 wailingord. andrecgO444 170 Tlierc, what do you think of that, jou mnn of the slrdge? It tckes nearly One Million of day's work, to pay tho salaries of the oificenin Ilie Navy who are waiting orders - that is.