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A New Prophet

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Tlic Advent Ilerald, published at Boston, makes menlion of a now Prophet just arison, known as S. S. Snow, a slioemaker by trade. An articlc in the True Day Star, signed by thirty of the followers of ihc new Prophet, declares llieir belief thal S. S. Snow is the Elijah thal was lo como. They say of him - "We praise the Lord who has rnised tliis prophet from the midat of us, of our brethren, to be our leader and shepherd j nnd we menn, by tlie graceof God, to hear liim in 11 things whatsoever lie shnl! sny unto us. We nlso exliort our brethren scaüered abrond, to scok the law at his ïnouMi. th.-it thus they may be sanctified through the truth." Mr. Snow and all his followers have formerly held to theSecond Advent faith, promulgated by Miller. QJThe value of the Shipping of the Free States, is 6,311,804 : of the Slave Stp.tes, #704,291, or one-ninth ns müch. The manufactures of the Free States amount to $334139,690 : of the Slave States to !?8ii. 935,742, or one-fourth as much. (tSamuel Lewis has been nominated for Governor by the Libeny party of Ohio, ot tiie recent State Convention. He received 139 of the 14G votes cast.