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It is a good thing to havo unlimited credit, but better still to have ready money on hand for eniergencies. The richest man on the globe, Baron Eothschild, learned this lesson one day when he chanced to ride in a public conveyance, and i'ound out that he had " not a red " in his pocket. Tho driver was furious, and demanded his pay. Kothschild told Mm his name, and gave him his card." I never heard of you, and never want to again ; but I want ïny pay and must have it," and he looked down threateningly. The money king was in haste. - He had only an order for a million, and offered the driver a coupon forflfty thousaud francs " to ehange." The driver started; the passengere laughed, and just then an acquaintance carne ud, from whom he borrowed six sous, and paid the angry Jehu. If it is inconvenient for even a Eothschild to be withont money in his pocket, you may be sure it will be oven more so for you. The world never respecta a " state of impecuniosity." It is a raost uncoinfortable state to be in. If you have an incoine of any soit, try not to spend every cent. Have a few dollars always about you for emergencies that will always be happening. If you gather it up as the children do their pennies, one at a time, keep your stock good. When you must break into your last live dollar bilí, replace it as soon as you can. ' It adds to your comfort more than you ever guess to feel that thero is a snug little Bum that you can draw from iu case of urgent need. Philosophy, religión, or potitry to tho to tho contrary, thero is no use in boing penniless. By common prudence, most peoplo of industrious habits can keep a littlo ahead for a rainy day.


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