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A Combination At Lansing Of The

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Oft but ultra temporáneo men -men wli tliink that law is competent to any wor of reform, tliat sin inay bo legislatoil 011 Of a man tind purity into )iim - wit Othors who voto tor rutaining tho prohibí tory elauso in tho Constitution, to keep in favor with prohibitory men, and retir from Senato or House immediately afte Toting, to " see a man " and inaku it a] right with tho liquor geiler, is certain to jostpono tho day of all offectivo and prau f cal legislo t ion in tbo way of regulatiuj the traffic in liquorg as a beverago m Btaying the tide of intomperanco. So certain aro thoso friondu of prohibí tiouImt anothor name for f roe trado - that ttiey represent the will of tho peoplc, that 1 hoy ref use to pormit the people to voto n alternativo propositions : one thopres ut prohibitory clause, the othor, as projiosed by Mv. Ge.vxt, of this city, in the ïlouse, on Tuesday, requiring stringent i ostraininiug legialation. We yield to uo ) aan in our lovo for temporáneo principies inil practicas, in our desiro to see the voung and old snatched from thb jaws of leath ; but observation and experionco hos forced upon us tho conviction that to roly upon law ia t rusting to a broken reed. The young must bo educated to let iutoxicating bovoragos alone; tho judgtuent must bo convinced and tbo appetites tonod down ; society must reach a Üiighor lovel, and the saloon and its atractions must be supplemonted by home iimuacmenta or places of rosort more at ivactivo than it or it aurroundings. - 3'heso things havo all been noglected and law relied upon, with now and theu o pasniodic eftbrt to carry charter elocItion. Is it not tiino to roturn to first principies 't Ciiioaqo vsrns shamefully disgraced on IMonday ovcning last. On that ovening u committee of one hundred ladios visited tho Common Council and presen ted a memorial, aignod by 16,000 vromen, protesting agaiuat Uio repeal of the Sunday closing ordinanci!. They were folio wed f rom their starting place to tho Council Cbatnber by a crowd of idle men and boys, and when rctiring t'roni the Chamber " wore ' assailod by howls from one of tho vilest " crowds that could bü rakcd from the " guttors of the city." Tho Associated l'ress report procoeds : " They pressed so " hoavily on tho little band, that had thoy " not beou protected by a few men, there " is littlo doubt that violence vrould have " been offored theni. Indeed, ono brute " did trip one of tho ladies, but slunk away " boforo the fist of a gcntloman standing " near. Tho inob followod tho ladies the " ontiro distanco buck to the ehurch, yel" ling ovcry luoment like Comanches, and "presenting onu of tho most disgraceful " seenes over witnossed in the city." And yot these ladies vrero all of " the highest rospectability " and among theni were " tho wives of somo of tho best citizens.' If this insult and outrago and disgraeeful scène was the direet result of the vote of 22 to 10 by which tho Cóuucil answored tho memorial prosented by the ladie, and repealed the ordinance, they ought to hasten to restore it. Failing to do so is to waivn all claim to truo manhood, and to fix a fonl stain upon the vory nsm of Chicago. In juk Scnato (Lansing) on Katurday last, Mr. Dewey tiltod a lance at the üniversity and the Regenta, ospecially at Mr. Walker, of Detroit. He aaid : "While the peoplo nominally control it through the Regenta, really they do not. E. C. Walkeh, when a candidato for Regent last winter, secured his nomination by a personal pledge to himgelf and another Senator that hu would oboy the act then pending beforo tho Legislature. Having sacured his electiou by this pledge, he then turned round and told tho people in effect that they inight go to glory and he would do as ho pleased." ïiow, wo know Mr. Dewey too well to place the most implicit confidence in his statements. Not quite as windy as DeLand he believes implicitly in tho great I, and becauso Regent Walker didn't snub hun, as he or any thoughtful or careful man ought to, iraagiuos that he made hiin what ho is or gavo him his position. Serves Walkek right : that is if he over had uny coufidential (wo carne near omitting that word oonfidontial) talk with Dewey concerning the ITnivorsity or any other subject. The Legislaturo hasn't finally disponed of the Uiiiversity quostion. The llousu bas substituted the ainbiguous and disputad cluuso of tho present Constitution instoad of the fair and dofinito provisión submitted by tho Comiuission. The Sonate hangs fire, inclining to absoluto legislative control in the affairs of tho Univorsity. When tho Logislature is recognized as the governing body, and can díctate profe8sorship8, courscs of study, etc, good-by Uuivorsity. A body composedof suoh mombers, changod every two years, would speedily run a University or a high school, oven, into the ground. In the House (Lansing) on Tuesday, an atnendmeut was mudo to Bection 7 of the " Bill of Rights," providing that the Legislature may authorizo vordicts in civil cases to bo given by two-thirds of a jury. It suems to us that it would bo full bettor to dispense with s jury ontirely. The rosult of snch law and practico would bo to promote jury-lobbying, log-rolling, and packing. We seo no good reason for a chango. If mado thero will bo still moro roason for the saying that it is impossiblo to predict the verdict of a petit jury. The Logislature (or both Houses soparately) has agreed to submit a, woman suffragc section to the peoplo. Ouo Walker, of Gcneseo (Republicim of coursu), favored it for the samo roason that Anna Dickixson used to advocate nogro suffrago : to offset tho votes of " ignorant Gerinau and Irish." And tho majority seemed to agteo with him. The threo members fiom this comity votod against the proposition. The funeral of Charles Sümnkr took place at Bostou on Monday. Tho fcxerekes at Washington took place on Kriday in the SenatoChambcr. COXOEES9 is still peggiug away at tho tinancial bilis, and tho buBinesg of the country stands still, waiting Hh decisión for or against inflation.


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