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The Senator From Missouri

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Vasliington Corrospondence of tha Press. When Cari Sohurz is seen sitting in hia eat ho does not impresa tho spectator with the idea of a tall wan. But when ie arises, you wonder when his head will itop going up toward the clouds. Aftor ie has " towered" to a cortain attitude, and all tho links and kinks and hinges oom ütraightcned, hu gives his shoulders another twist upward na much as to say, ' Shades of tho mighty Schiller ! if I ouly ould touch tho top of space !" Then hero is a shako of tho long, brown, curl sg locks as a lion toases his mane, tor all ho royal animáis of creation uso similar igns and symbols. Tho mouth opens. - t is not a growl. Tho air is greeted with tho sweetost and softest strains of he human voice. Who has ever read iliver Wendoll Holmes' description of ,hoso velyet and fluto-like tones that ravsh tho soul liko the heavenly melodies of loethovon ? Cari Schurz has a voice like ho wind sighing through the silgar cano, nd his classical English floats in a sea of hythniical measure. In manner this disinguished Germán orator would not atruct notica for either awkwardness or jrace. The porsonality of tho man is ost, becauso his inind is fully ongagod in ollowing his subtle thread of argument, which is fairly umbroiderod with pearls f thought. The now postago law brings a considrablo revenue from the Now York adversing agencies. Goo. P. Eowell & Co's. uartprly bilis upon newspapers roceivcd xceod 130 ; thono of 8. M. "Pettengill & Jo. aro abovo $350, whilo tho agencies of W. J. Carlton, Bates & Locke, W. W. harpo and othera most prominent, pay 'rom one-fourth to one-eighth of the bova


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