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Avn Abbob, Thchsbat, Mar. 19, 1874. . Apfles- Green, 60@80c. Bütteb- 24@l32c. Beef- ï'rom wagon, $6.50. Cobn- Old 65@75- New 7O@72c. perbu, Chickens- Dreased 9@10c Deessed Hoos, - $7.ö0 Kggs- Command 12VL814c. Hay- $S@12 per ton, aecording to qnalitf. Honey- In cap, 25@30c. Lard - The market stands nt 10c. Oniosb- $2.00. Oats- 42@4.?c. POTATOEe- 90@l .10c. Tuknips- 3O@40c. Wheat- White $1.40@1.40; Amber f 1.30 l.:& TritKETH-10@llO. Detroit ProduceMarket. Latest quotations for leading orticles of coiitry produce- Mar. 19, are as follows : Wheat- white, $1.2501.52 ; amber 1.25@1 42 Barlet- $.75.@3.40 percental. Eye- 80S9OC. per bu. Cobs- 67@7Oc. Oats- 50@53c. Potatoes- 90@1.10c. Dbessed Hoos- i7-P0@t".3ü. Hay- $150@$2 Buttep.- S7í542c. Eaos- 14@15c. Labd- 9@10c. Honey- 16@23cWool- 37@43c. per lb. Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free Press. MicmoAK Centbal Cattle Yseds Mouday, March Bit $ CATTLE. The receipts on Sunday and Monday -vrara light except ior through cattle, which were nearly as usual. Pnces were considored about ï-2 c oft"r liut this may have been attributable to the inferior quality offered. Buyers that haye been shipping State cattle to the East have in most cases found purohasers only araong stock men, yery iew getting into the beef market. The few choice Illinois cattle offered to the local trade readily commanded last week's figuras. A sale by X. G. Morgan of fourteen Stato cattle gives a fair aVerago of prices ; 4 wero good snippers, commonly called among State dealers extra fat, average weight 1,200 lbs, at 4c ; 3 very good butchors' stock, averago weight 1,100 lbs, at $4 62 1-2 ; 7 good butchors' cattle, a mixed lot- bulls, cows and steers - averogingabout 1,100 lbs, at 4c. SHEF.P Good sheep were scarce and sold at least l-2o above last week's prices. Those offering, being of inferior qua! ity mostly and mixed lots, were taken by tho local dealers, not being good enough to ship. A lot was sold by P. Brown, consisting of 114, averaging88 lbs, at 5 1-4 e, which was probably an outsido rate, Mr. Morgan selliug a lot tliat averaged 10 lbs heavier for 1-4 c lesp, the difference being in tho size and fatness. HOOS. Only a very few wero offered to local dealers, most of them boing shipped through. A fow 8hoat5 were sold here at 6 l-2c, but there were no fat hogs, and the scaroity gives prices an upward tendancy. Cattle. Hogs. Hlieep. Receipts of live stock through for tho weok ending March 10, 1874, 1,931 725 7,425 From the interior, 301 2,099 49 Last year from interior, 399 1,379 777 Kino's Cattle Yards, ) Detroit, Monday evening, March 10. J CATTLE. There were more in tMs morning than last week thouffh nothing liko a surplus. Buying commenced slow and pricus looked a triile easier but business becamo more brisk soon and pnces were ou the average as gooi as last week. We give to-days quotutions : Choice beeves, young, large, well fattened, weighing from 1,200 to r,400 lbs. ( I .'il) n S 50 Good beeves, well fattened, stoers and heifers, averaging l,0r"0 to 1,100 lbs, ; 23 a 3 75 Medium grades, fair steers, averaging 950 to 1,050 lbs., '1 50 n 2 75 Working cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 lbs., 3 50 a t 00 Cows, common to choice, . ■ 3 00 o 1 00 Common stock, medium steers, and fair to extra cows, in decent flesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 2 00 a 2 7S Sales by the cwt. include2 steers oí fair quality, averaging l,2C0 lbs, at $4 76 ; theso were re sold for l-8c advance ; 2 cows of good quaüty averaging 1,442 Iba, at $4 60; 10 nice little cattle, averaging about 1,000 lbs, at?5; 1 verylarge bull, iu good flesh, but coai-3e, weighing 2,450 lbs, at $3 38 ; 2 good oxen, averaging l,G00 lbs, at $4 7ó ; 1 fat, medium sized buil, weighing 1,910 lbs, at $4; 6 dioico cattle, uveraging 1,256 lbs, at $5 ; 4 averaging 1,340 lbs at 85 ; 2 very uice little heifers, averaging 1,000 lbs, at $5; 2 fat oxen, aqeraging I,ti2ólbs, at $.4 25; 5 good'to choice cattle, averaging 1,025 Ib?, at $4 50; 2 extra choice cattle, averaging 1,075 Ib?, at $5 25 ; 3 good to choice steers, averagmg 1073 lbs, at U 75. Sales by the head include 11 small butchers' cattle, averaging 750 to 800 lbs, for Ï2 90 ; 9 small butchers' cattle, a bout the samo weights, for ?20 a head ; 2 cows, weighiug from 1,050 to 1,100 lbs, for $40 each ; 3 cows, of about 900 lbs each, for $95 ; '2 good cows, of about 1,100 lbs for $80 ; 1 choice heifer, weighing about 1,000 lbs, for $48 ; 2 cows and 3 steera, averaging about 875 lbs, for $155 ; 10 head, weighing about 1,000 lbs, for Ï42 each. SHEEP. Prices ranged about as last week : 300 fat shipper, weighing 93 lbs each, sold for 6c ; 8 coarse wooled sheep, weighing 120 to 125 lbs, sold for Y8 a head.


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