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Remedies For Foot-rot And Scab

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In a recent report of tho Departmonl ot' Agricultura, a "Virginia corresponden has the following remedies for foot-rot and scab : For Foot-rot:- First cleanse tho foot, then pare away the portions ot' the hoof covoring the diseasedTpart, and apply the following to all the flesh affected by fungU8 growth. Mix gunpowdor and blue vitriol in equal quntities, and to seven parts of this mixturo add ono part of verdigris and sufficient swect oil to make a salve. Apply this 6alre twico a week, keeping tho sheep dry-footed for an hour or so after each application. For Scab : - Make a strong lyo froui hardwood ashes, as oak or hickory ; add to each gallon of lye one pound of strong tobáceo ; simmer over a moderate flre for about an hoor, then strain and add to each gallon of the liquid a quarter of a pound of tho flower of brimstone, the saine quantity of hellebore powder, a half pint of the spirits of turpontine, and a Urge tableepoonful of citrbolic acid. Tho mixture is then fit for use as " dip," (for which the bnst timo is after shearing,) or otherwise. It uhould be well stirrod before using and kept from the eyes and mouth. It is well, bafore applying, to scratch the affected parta with a. currycomb, or something similar. If the weather is wet the sheep should be kept der cover for a short time after the application. The remedy shouM bp ripplied onpp or tWice a week.


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