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Umnfla.mmable Tímber. - TheQuejec Gazette publishes a correspondence elative to the plan of depriving timber f its inflammable proporties. The inention appears to be of much importnee. The first letter is from Lord Staney, a member of the British ministry,who uggf'sts tho importance of employing this nvention in building of those portions of Quebec which have been destroyed by he late calntnitous fires. The second etter is from W. burnett, Director General of tho medical deparlment oï' the navy, who states that the composition renders wood, canvnss and even the finest ïiuslin incapable of receiving or sustainng flame, "and thus either n ship or a house constructed of material so impregnated, is mode incapable of being btirnt ;y fire." The Britisb government hav ordered that all the bulk-headsand maga zincs of ships of war, llie oiherbulk-heac below, and also the tnnber of all kinc used in the viclnity of lires in war stearr ers. shall be prepnred wlth the solution i question. Rudimental. - Mr. Connell the rowd member of of Congress from Alabama has arrived in Washington. He made his appearnnce in a white coat and pantaloons of buckskin, with the legs thrust inside his boots, which reached to his knee.s. A coarse bear-skin cap honored his head and completed his toilet. It is stiid that he immediately commenced his inaugural in honor of his re-election. Hooks nnd Eyes. - VVhpn we were a little shavrr, a ütlle more Xan "knee high to o hop toad," we, in common wi'h most of the children of the neiglihorhoorf, were empluyed in niakiny? hooks and eyes tbr Alvin Non'h, of Now Britain, Ct. If we rccollpct aright, to merely turn oyes oT 300 pairs wore oon?ideied n smart day's work for older hnnds thnn onrs. Iron fiiijjers hnve since been invenled, nnd our old employer now turna out 10,0(0 pairs i'ny by steam. - Ch. Cit. Soulliem OJficiousntss. The South Carolina newspaperp, at least some of the Demo erntte ones are terribly provolced nt the oppointment ot' Gov. Morton ti the Collectorship of' Boston. They fcar he is too much ol au ahulilionisl ! nnd fee! quite indignant nt the fa'ct. We would l;ke to kunw wliat businesf South Carolina has to do with it, if he is ? h slie hö dictnlor of the nation ? A Tanning1 AppnratiiB from Vermont was exhibit'ed at the late (air of t!ie Aniericn Inst i: ule. The ekins are piaced on a. lnre wheei which revolvcs in a vat of tnnning üquor, se tlmt each fkin is suómorged nnd liftpd out ajain twire n minutf, undergeing constani frivtion. Iu lliis wny calf skins are complete!y tanned in six, and sole leather in twentv one days. íjcnlher so innde was pxhibitcd, wliich wou!d bo hard to fiud fuuítwitli. A small of vvator vvill turn the wliftel; nc attendaiiceia neeilcd; n hido (not loinjr by sliriuking as it: the até way) producen more leather llian by the old proecss. A piodiíce dealer p Boston. rcCoivod stven thousand pounds of butter, from a Scotch far mer in Addisori county, Vermom, h was all the produce of his ovvh dairy; ond nll of Uie fineft flavor nnd quolity, he recuivcd the premivim at the connty Fuir. Tho same farmer has fattod nnd sold one liundred head of cattle this fall: and has now on hnnd an acre. of hogs, averoginfr in weight 6ome 400 pounds each. Pretty wel!, we say, fora small New England farmer, in "a little town among the motintains of Vermont !'' Can Capo Cudr or the Great West beat this ? - Traveler. Private MatT.- Tho American Mail Company give the public notice that in the event of a change of the Postage Law by Congress, raising the rates, they shall at once resume their operations through the Northern, and Eostern States.It is said that there are but 210.000 voters in the kingdom of France, out of a population of 39 millions, or one voto to 170,000 inhnbitants. In England there aro 860,000 voters, one to 18 of tho inhabitants. "A good rcsolution. - In many of the Eastern States the ladies havo resolved to marry no man that does not take the papers." A better resolulion would bc, to marry I no man that does not pay for them. We wish the ladies of the west would ba heroic enough for this. - Cin. Her. John Randolph's will, emancipating his slaves, begins thus: 'In the name of God, amen, 1 hereby gunrantee to all iny slaves their liberty, Ucartily regretting that 1 have ever been the oicner oj one.'' (CTAccounts from Mexico represent that Gen. Parodes had been quite successlul in his insurrectionary movements. Carving. - "Shall I cut this loin of matton snddlewise?"said a gentleman. 'No,' said one of his guests, "cut il bridlewise, or thnn I tnay chance to get a bit in my nouih." Vote ok Wiscoxsix. - The whole utnber of votes cast at the election for delégate to Congress,was 18,364, Martin, Loco, hadG,8O3; Collins, Whig. 5,783; Iolton, Abolition, 760. 'Let us lay no temptation in the path of outh,' as the frog said when ho poped lis hendunoer water, on seeingaboy piek p astone. Good! - The flour rnd grain exported "rom the port of New York to great iriltain during the month of November are valued at more than a million of dollars. 'Genius wil! alwnys work its way throgh,' as the poet said, when he saw a hole in the elbow of his coat. Tho Paris Fashions are for ladies to dress entirely in blue. They go to the theaters in blue gloves, blue gowns, blue bonnets, blue shawls, blue boots, and are blue all over. Symptoms. - Hon. John N. Niles, U. S. Senator from Connecticut, recently suspected of insanity, has comrnitted matrimony on the person of Miss Jane Pratt, of Spencertown, N. Y.,vith m hom he is now on his way to Washington. - The commitlee to whom was referred the question of his sanity last session, wil prolvibly be now rcady to report.


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