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How They Grind Flour In Texas

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in herman we saw tor the first time au ox-mill for grinding wbeat into flour. It was a great uovelty, and reminded us of the dog ohurn days of boyhood, when our faithful " Watch," the time honored house dog, and the writer hereof, used to tramp togetheron the tread, to make the wheel go around, so that the churn dasher might be sent up and down until the butter was made. That was years go, but the meraory of those days lingers like an eventful dreain. Here we found an old brown building. In it was the machinery of a grist mili, complete, Just outside the main portion, but under cover, was the motive power - seven long horned, subdued steers, chewing their cuds as they lazily cliinb a great wheel fitty feet aoross, and ground out three thousaud pounds of superfine flour every lay all the year ïound. We era wied through hole to see how ;he old thing worked, and looked down upon the plodding cattle. One of them rolled au eye around to see who it was, and gazed at us with an expression that eemed to say : "Don't laugh at us, for you know how t is yourself." Indeed we did. Those ox-inills are quite numerous in the South, and are )rofitable institutions by the way. About ïalf a dozen oxen will keep the great wheel iu motion, and turn out as fine an article of flour as can be produced by water or stearu power. It is barely posible that the two women who were grindng in the mili, as mentioned byour Savor, made better flour, but it is not on the ecord, although it is proof that the boys of to-day make oxen do what their fathers )f old compolled women to. Verily, veriy, the world moves ! Just outside the mili, in an enclosure, were several other cattle waiting, but in no hurry for the hour when they were o go raarching on, and their fellows hould rest. We saw the engineer of this stablishment as be was woodingup with a fork full of new mown hay, and when we asked him if his engines ever blew up, ie gazed upon us with a look of admiraion a less observant man micht havn t. ten í'or


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