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Particulars Of The Death Of Dr. Livingstone

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LONDON, Maroh 29. - The st-;mier Maera hiiíviI off Suez Saturday night. - Arthur Laing and Joaeph Wainwright were on boaid, m oharg6 of the reniains of Dr. Livingstone. The following eujcount is given of lns fatal illness and deatli. He had been ill of ohronio dysentery for scvciiil months. Ho Was well supplied with stores and medicines, bat he bad a presentiment that the attaok would prove fatal. At first lie was able ti) ride on a donkey, but soon had to ho carried, arriving at Mulialla, beyond Bemba, in Bisa countjy. He said, " build me a hut to die in." A hut was built by his foHowers. On the 1st of May he' was confined to his bed, and afterward sivfferod greatly, groaning night and day. On (ho third day ho said ho was very cold, and asked tliat moTe grass be put over the hut. The Chief of Bomba sent ilour and bchaved kindly. Tho fourth day he was insensible, and died about midnight. Makahooa, a servant, was present. Dr. Livingstone made his last entry in his diary on April 27. He spoke inuch, und sadly of his Lome and family. When he was first seized by the fatal attack he told his followers to push to Ujiji and Zanzíbar and try to reaoh England. The same dny on which he died his foliowars consulted as to whattodo, and the Nassick boys determined to preserve the remains. They were afraid to inform the ohiof of the death of the dootoï. The secretary had the body removed to another hut and built a high fence around to insure privacy. He then removed the internal orgaus, placed thein in a tin box and buried it inside the ience, under a large tree. Jacob Wainwright cutan inscription on the tree, thus : "Dr. Livingstone died May 4, l.ST.'i," and subscribed with the name of the head man - Chuma. The body was preserved in salt and dried in the sun 12 days. Chief Kitumba, on being inforraed of Dr. Livingstone's death, had drums beat and guus fired as atoken of respect and allovved the followers to remove the body, which they placed in a coffin of bark, and couimenced the maroh to Unyamyembe, which consumed about six months. A party was gent forward with information of all that had occurred addressed to his son. The advance party were met by -Mr. Cameron, whosent back bales of cloth and rlour to "Unyamyembe after the advance party, and rested there two weeks. Dr. Cameron, Murphy and Dilon arrived together, the latter being very ill, his sight gone, and his mind affected. He after ward committed suicide at Kasmurkera, and was buried there. At Unyamyembe Dr. Livingstone's remains were placed in a smaller bark case, done up to represent a bale of goods, to deceive the natives, who objected to the passage, of the corpse, and thus were carried to Zanzibar. Dr. Livingstone's clothing, papers and instruments accompanied the body. When sick in bed Dr. Livingstone prayed and said " I am going home." Chuma remains at Zanzibar. Mr. Webb, the American Consul at Zanzibar, has recoived letters through Mr. Murphy, from Dr. Livingstone, for Stanley, and will deliver theni personally. Tlfe only geographical news is as follows : After Stanley's departure Dr. Livingstone left Cnyamyemhe, rounded the south end of Tanganyika, traveled south of Lake Bemba, or Banguoolea, orossed it from souri to north, then proceeded long the oast side, returning north through the m;rshes to Muilala. All his papers, seale.d ar i addressed to the Secretary of State, are in charge of Arthur Laing, a mercht nt of Zanzibar. Murphy and Camevou ■„ma behmd.


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