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Railroad Rumors And Possible Combinations

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From the ,y city Tribune. Numerous rumora b fty r(,centiy been put in ciroulation tr the effect th(J Hon Jas F Joy P ident f Michi. f,au Cotral Ml fOfrf ig about to transfer the headquar q{ road from De. troit to ü okBO11 These rumors have mostly or lginated in ïo}edo a„d are ooupXQO there with anQte,. mmor to the ." that the Pennsylvania Central will 11111 ,e with the Michigan Central in build'" g a direct route from Jaokson to To)edo. Althougli these ruiuors haveno foundation in fact, that we know of, yet to our mind thej' derive somo color of probability from the remarkable series of letters which Mr. Joy recently published in the Detroit papers, and the manner in which these lettpas have been received by the people of Detroit. Mr. Joy has urged with all the torce possible the necessity of a bridge across the river at that point to enable the Michigan Central and its branches and connections to compete with other trunk lines to the He has pointed out the fact, not to be disputed, that if his road cannot secure a crossing there, itmust, as a matter of self-protection, seek one elsewhere. Yet all these things do not seem to move the people oi Detroit, wlio seem aa much as ever inclined to throw all their infLuenco against a bridge. The prospect of securing a bridge there indeed seeins hopeless. It would not be strange, therefore, if Mr. Joy, having clearly pointed out hisneceasities, and failed to meet with co-operation at Detroit, should resolve to abandon the oity, and seek a new outlet. His letters, it must be oonfessed, have paved the way, in a masterly manner, for a retreat from the old fogy City of the Straits, if the project for a bridge there is tinally abandoned- and the Detroiters themselves could not consistently complain of him for doing so.


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