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It seems to us tbat the New York World is unjust in its criticisms ot' the voten of Gen. Hawley, ot' Conn., on the inflation bill. Three distinct propoeitions were beforo the House; uno tor tixing tho greenback limit at $356,000,000 (ia accordance with the luw); a gecond foi sauótioning the illegal or fraudulent issue made by tho Seoretary and liiniting it to $382,000,000; and a third to increase it to $400,000,000. Gen. Hawley, opposed to inflation, voted with the genuine anti-inflationists, Cox among them, {or the lowest sum, $356,000,000. That being lost, he voted for the next lowost amount, $382,000,000. To have voted no on that proposition would have been lo voto for the highest sum, which in fact he voted against when the final vote carne. Ií' the - 1 is entitled to his dues why not Gen. HawleyV - Sanborn gets, under contract mude with ex-Secretary Bontwell and contimied in force by Secretary Richardson, a commission of 50 per cent. for collecting legacy and succession taxes, and sub-lets the job at 12 1-2 per cent. And it is now inade public that in March, 1873, a year ago, ona Jno. D. Coughlin ofïered to collect tha same taxes for 15-per cent. ; but Secretary ltichardson, though having the authority to annul Sanborn's contract at any time kept it in force, losing 35 per cent. to the treasury. Is he in " cahoot" witb. Sanborn ? - In the Senate, on Monday, the bill t provide for the redeinption and reissue of Uriited States notes and for tree banking, being undor consideration, the motion. of Mr. Morton to strike out the sectiou provjding for the redemption oi United States note, in coin or interest be-aring bonds, on the lstof January, 1876, was carried by a vote of 28 to 24. Senator Ferry of this State voted yes: that is in favor of the indefinite perpetuation oi an irredeemable currency. - Cox prop o sed a method of inflation the other day, entirely original, but fully as sensible as any of" the plans or propositions for an inoreuso of the greenback issue. It was: "That eaofa ono dollar greenback note now in uiteulation shal be a legal tender tor thtee dollars, anc each two, five, aud ten dollar greenback note shall be, and is hereby declared a legal tender for three times its present value." Bat even ridicule was lost on such a nest of financial lunatics. - The Republicans gained a signal victory on Wednesday. It was in Ehode Island. Henry Howard was re-electec Governor, the vote standing Howard, 12,260; Lyman l'earce, 1,500; seuttering 107. For Lieut-Governor, Chas. C. VanZant had 7,679 votes, and Williani T Sayles, prohibitionist, 6,512. There wore no Democratie candidates running. - The Massachusetts Senatorial Connundrum is no nuarer a solution than at the date of our last report. The eighth ballot was taken in joint convention on "Wednesday, resul ting : Dawes, 95 ; Hoar 74; Curtís, 75; Adains, 15; Banks, (i Pierce, 2 ; Washburn, Whittier, and Wendell Phillips, each 1. Necessary to a choice, 136. ' - The New York Evening Post propo ses a new holiday. It says : " In times of famine or extraordinary disaster whole peoples unite in fasting and in prayer and, after the danger has passed, in thankful demonstrations. It would be well perhaps, to wait until Congress shall have adjourned, in order to make the eelebration national." - The Senate, on Thursday of last week followed the bad example of the House and voted to fix the greenback issue - the issue of unredeemed and irredeemable promises to pay or notes of hand at $400,000,000. The vote was 31 to 26, the members absent or not voting numbering ]G. And these absentees draw their pay regularly. - Attomey-Genoral Ball has resigned, because of failing health, and is going immediately to Europe. Mr. Marston, of Bay City, has been appointed his suocessor. Mr. Marstou isa lawyer of large practice and conceded ability, and must sacritice his personal interests by aecepting the Attorney-Generalship and discharging its duties. - The Boston correspondent of the N. Y. World writes that " Butler's friends boast that they can deliver twenty or thirty Democratie votes to Dawes, which their chief as promised." Another poor devil once promised to deliver " all the kingdomsof the world," and Butler probably owns just as many Democratie votes as his cloven-footed ancestor did kingdoms We trust' no more. - The Connecticut State election takes place on Monday next. Gov. ingersoll heads the Democratie ticket and his reelection is oonfidently expected. The real contest is for the Legislature which will have to elect a United States Senator to succeed Senator Buckingham. - The present Legislatura is Democratie on joint ballot. - The Grand ltapids l'od says that Representativo Eggleston, of' that city, did not ftttend the recent extra session a singlo day, and that he didn't give more than a week to the regular session of 1873; and yet the Pust intimates that he drew full pay. Was his absence caused by sickness P Can the Post teil 'f - But one New England member of the .House voted for the inflation bill as it passed, though five dodged and more voted for the limit of $382,000,000. New York gave ten votes for, twenty against, and had three dodgers. - The ladies of Washington have come to the wise conclusión that it would be useless to inaugúrate a praying crusade while Cougross is in session. Congressmen are past praying f'or : exeept by oficial chaplains. - It is finally settled that Livingstone s dead ; also that Stanley did find him, as aud where he. reported. Stanley's jealous cotemporaries in the world of scrib)lers are not over-jubilant over his vindication. - The Hastings Banner -editad by Senator Dewey - (Geo. M.) bas trotted out Gov. Bugley for a socoiid term. The Governor ought, to pray i'ervently and 'requently, " deliver me frotn such bnckers." - For soveral weeks each Sunday edi ;ion of tho N. Y. World has given considrable space to writing np creuaation. It 'avors burning as against burying. - Gen. Banks casts the one vote which s daily recorded for John G. Whittier For U. S. Senator) in the joint eonvenion of the Hassachusetts Legislatura. - Senator Ferry, of this State, Í3 an nflationist of the first water, and neuralizes the vote of Senator Chanrfler on very roll cali. 'Dm; appointment oi Kendaïl t bfl Poafcniaster at Kalainazoo has n't exactly sutisfied all "the faithiul," and it is more than intimated thaÁ Burrowa - fche legitímate descendant ol the Lbian "- Iihs "put Ij is foot tn it." Wol Is is disSatifñed, Parker ditto; and (ale, Parker's baöker haS bis back up; and then it ia gaid that Kondall is " cheek by jowl " with Stonr, a part owner oi tiic Telegraph, etc., and that tho venerable doctor is to run the office and pocket the emolumente. Veil, vat ut' it'r1 - Every reader ahould caretully study the letter oí Charles Francia Adama tí auothei oolumn, and after that they raust oertainlyjoin in cansuring the polioy oí inflation, and liso iondemn the issue either in large or small amounta of greenbacka without provisión for their immediate conversión ínto coin at the wil! oü the holder. Promises are not money, whether [asued by order of Congress, by a Corporation or an individual. Il is time fco retiognize Hrstpnnciples, - Theannual report of the State Treaaurer, fortín; flïcal yeftr ending Sép. 30, 1878, but issucd abo ut five mouths after that date, contains reporta or statumeiits ot tlie condition of tho several Stute Banks, at tlie several dates named, say trom Juin: SOtb to üotober 6th 1873. There may l)u soinü nucüssity for lumhuring Up a State report with such trush, hut we cau't soe it. - Tiio Detroit P&at ia aUvurtising "aupplemonte" containing the amended Constitution with compiler' Jiotes. Will the 'o.sitelluahow its " cottñtry couaíns " eau mako oae oi tuoh suppleinents in the tace oi Poatinaater-G-eneral Creswell's re3ent ruling ih;U Buppiexnetits must bO pnnted at tho oiliee ot tlie paper uaing them.


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