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The T., A. A. And N. Railroad

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To the Editor of the Michigan Ajgua : Your issue of March 27tb contains au articlffon "The Toledo amí Ann Arbor ELailroad" that h Ho strikingly in contrast with thfi nbusi! that luis beun yi fffiuciiilly lieaped spon tbe Board of Directora, s to merit a fi;aiik and cordial roply Wht-n the Directora acoepted their positions it whs with u flrm determination that iu I monsjr sbould be expended in oonitruction till two points were secured with a yeasonable degree of oertainty : lst. 8ufficicnt nieanH for the oonstruction of a road-hed. 2d. The power to iron and equip the road. Henee it was " nearly a year after their eleetion before tlie work of construction was ftiirly entered upon. In thia interval of time mnch indignation was expressed in various forms to induce the Board to " miike the dirt Hy" at all hazards. When, on the ."il .st day of Oct., 1871, it appeared that the road could lic completed to Ann Arbor, they made assessments upon the stockholders, which if the lalttr hadpromptly inri, would have 8ecured the couipletion of the road-bed within one year, and, I oonfidantly believe, a finished road in less than eighteen months. These assessmentsliave not been promptly met, "aud the work has been protracted beyond the fínancial crisis that has paralyzed the most prosperous prises oí tne country, xms ib ttio simple truth, and I submit that the stockholders (delinquonts) are quite as much at fault for the present aspect of affairs as the Directors. So far as the Directors are concerned, their labor has been a labor oí' love, not reiuuneration, and certaiuly not of honor if estimated on a basis of " street talk." While they have do desire to evade any reaponsibility that they inay have voluntarily iuourred, they would not reuiain in their positions a single hour if it should appear to be the will of the stockholders that a ehauge would be desirable. A petition to the Board, signed by a repectable number of stockholders, for a new election of Directors, woüld, beyond all question, secure a new election, and it is to be hopad a more efficiënt Board. SIL AS H. DOUGLAS. March 28th, 1874. The women of Iowa are rapidly preparing for the ballot by instructions in parliamentary debate and general business, ïhere are uearly 2,000 Granges in the State, in which 2 j,000 woruen are entitled to vote. In the 7.000 Granges in the whole country there are nearty 100,000 women.


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