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The Governor General's Speech

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Ottawa, March 27 - The Govemor General's speech to Parlianient to-day saya attention should be called during the session to the question of ballot in eleetions, to establish a General Court of Appeals, and the consideratkra of the more speedy coinpleticn of the Canada Pncific Eailroad, as canal and harbor improvements are being vigorously prosecuted tor the growing trade of the country. The report of the chief engineer on the proposed canal between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Bay of Fundy will bo submitted. Another year is required tocompiete the Inter-Colonial Kailway, and a bilí will be introdueed vesting ita control in a board of public works. The question of compensation due the Dominion for fishery privileges conceded the United States by the treaty of Washington has occasioned a renewal of negotiations, tending to widen the reciprocal trade with that country, the imperial authorities having directed the British Minister todiscussthe whole subject at "Washington with the aid of a Canadian commission. The receipts of the current year will not meet the expenditures and it ' will b$ necessary for Parliament to consider ineans to make good the anticipated deficiency. The estimates for the ensuing year will be submitted. The Governor speaks favorably of the efTorts to protnöte imniigration, and says that notwithstanding the commercial depression has prevailed to some extent the general prosperity will not be seriously atfected. At new Albany, Indiana, a Germán womau knelt in front of a Germán saloon and prayed earnestly and impressively in the Gorman language, to the astonishment of those inaide, who expected nothing of the kind. The poor woman had reason enough for her prayers. Her husband, while drunk, diove over an embankment and broke his neck, and her son has been for years a drunkard in spite of her efforts to reclaim him. The estímate of new logs cut on the Tittabawassee Eiver and tributarles, which will come through the booms of the company, is placed at 75,000,000. The amount of logs left over is estimated at 250,000,000. This will make a stock of :J25,000,000 for 1874, provided that all the logs como down. The probabilities are, however, that fully 50,000,000 and very likely 75,000,000 feet will be left back. The boom company advertise that for all the season of 1874 the company will piek up all stray logs on the Saginaw River that may have passed through the booms. - Sagiuaw Courier. The Secretary of the Treasury has directed the Assistant Treasurer at New York to sell $1,000,000 in gold each Thursday during the month of April - tëf). 000.000. in all.


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