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How To Water Horses

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-One writer says, never water immediately before or af ter feeding. I say that if a horse is thirsty, always give him drink, und he will thank you for it. I have oi'ten' seen horses put in the stable at noon for an hour or two, and not eat a pound of hay or grain, but looking wistfully for water, aud theii their cireful owner, who would not let them have water whon warm, will coine to give them enough to kill, and ride or drive the remainder of the day on two buckets of water and no fued. Ten chances to oue, his horse gives out with him, or gets sick before night. Kow, I say, give the horse water if he is ever so warni ; give him a swallow, rinse out his mouth and nostrils, give him a bite of hay, in a short time a little more water, but not too much. If he is watered several times a little at a time, until he is satisfied, he will not drink more than half what he would if you let him gulp it down all at once.


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