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Spitting Of Blood

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s a very seriou?symptum and a conmoo altcmiant upnn Conlumption, althotiglt it oficn follows cases ofsevcru cold, where the lungs have been nflbcicd. nml neccis in nny case prompt attcmioii. Varíons mcans have been devised to check it, bui none have ever 8iiccceded so well as Dr. IJ. li Folger's Olosaonian or Al(-Healing Balsnm. wfaïcti bas iictcd as n complete antidote. While it allnys any hemonhage from tfie íúngs, it has nlso a tendency to p'romote expccioration, and give case to the puin in tho chest and pide, enabling the patiënt to sleep quiotly, and promoting in a r'crnarkable degree healthy action in all the parts of the nystem. It ha béca in uSe many yea s, and hasstooá the test o experience, never having fniled in a ninglc case where remedie cotild böofanjr a-)tiïl. We hafe witnessed its efleóts, ard been personally aéquninted with many who have been carcd by nnd nttribute iheir enjoyment of henlth 'o itivirtues. But where serious êymptoms liko the abovó méntioned occur, do not delay - uso the remedy at once. For salo, wholesare and mail at Maynards.