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What Did Paul Say?

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Many years ago tbere lived in Virginia ft Baptist preaeher numed B. Though untducated he was a sound thiuker aud eloquent speaker, and no minister had a more devoted ñook. It was the custom during the inclement season, to hold meetings at the residences of the memben, and once or twice, during the winter, at the house of the preacher. For years it was observed that B. neither preaohed nor conducted the meeting wheu held at his house, but secured the services of a neighboring minister. He was often piessed for n explanatiou, without succfiss ; but finally in response to the importunities of some of his flock, he gave the following : " When I was younger than I am now 1 - in fact, not long after the ment of my ministration - I held a meeting at my own house. It beiug customary for many of the cougregation to remain tor dinner, Mrs. B. sent our negro boy Tim to our neighbor Paui's for - Tim rtjturncd and located hiniself, standing on one foot at a time, in theoutskirta of the congregation. Beiug well warmed up in my sermón, thinking neither of Tim nor his errands, but only of the most successful mode of pressing home my strongest arguments, I demanded with all tho energy in my power, 'And whatdid Paul say p' Tim ut the top of his littlo squeakiiig voice, exclaimed, as Tim only could have done, ' He said you couldn't get any more uutil you paid for whatyou got!' " This brouglit down the house, and out short one of the first efforts of my early ministry. Sinoe then, I have .kept my preaching disoonnected from my domestic affairs."


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