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Cincinnati--its Soot And Females

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A resident of Indianapolis, journeying to Oincinuati, writes to The Louisville Courier-Journal : " Prora the transition state of Indianapolis growth and prosperity to the assured afliuence of Cinciunati, is a change that your readers who have not visited both places can soaroely imagine. The business portion, especially, of the Indiana capital is aptly dpscribed by the phrase, " undergoing repairs," and there is no limit to visible space known as additions. Here for miles, on the contrary, there are continuous blocks of handsome business houses, leading to parallel lmes of superb residences. One has to travel to strike iniprovements, and it is only when one approaches Eden park that a citizen of Indianapolis feels at home. - Far be it froin me to say, however, that Oincinnati bas reached perfection. There are many foul-smelling, dark, disgusting quarters, and no place beneath the summit of the hills is free from grime and soot. "Keep your hands off things," said a friend of mine to her Httle boy who was catohing at the railing of the area as we walked along. " I didn't know it was so nasty," he replied, as he looked at his blackened finger-tips. And yet as we made our way through the throng of beautiful ladies that every day may be seen on Fourth Street, I tho't I had never beheld fairer. In the first placo, the ladies of Cincinnati dress exquisitely, on the street. Young or old, they affect subdued colors, and glido along with that air of ease and Buperiority which none but American women can boast of. In the days that the Cincinnati fathers were making the nioney that the children now spend, they teil a story of an aristocratie school for young ladies, where a number of them plumed themselves upon the wealth of their fathers, who were pork merchants. "What is your father Y" they aBked a butcher's daughter, in derision. " My father is a beef merchant," she replied. That generation of butchers and porkdealers hag been succeeded mostly by bankers, and, the blessed wheel of fortune still turning, we may look at the bottotn for those who will soar highest a quarter of a century henee. A defaulter is now called a " hypothecary."


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