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Intemperance--causes And Cure

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Charles Kingsley says that the craving :or drink and narcotica, especially in crowded citiea, is not a disease, but a symptom of disease- " oí" a far deeper disease than any which drunkenness can produce, nainely, ot' the growing degeneracy of a population striving in vain, by stimulanta and narcotics, to fight against those slow poisons with which ourgreedy barbarians, miscalled civilization, have surrounded them trom the eradle to the ?rave." The roniedy, which Mr. Kingsley suggest8, is for physical evila, iinproved sanitary regulations and custouis. Another cause of inteinperance is overwork. " in the heavy struggle for existence, which goes on all around us, each man is tasked more all day long." Exhausted natura seeks stimulants not merely to supply exhaustion or drive away care - often simply to drive away dullness. Another cause is found in the abundance cf money in souie people's hands. Without legitímate resources for recreation, men í'all back upon sensual gratification. The retnedy of this is in mental cultivation. How to stiy the deinands of overwork and cotnpetition, or to abate the struggle for existence, Mr. Kingsley cannot miggest. Nor can any one, we faney, devise any publio measure for relief. But each individual may gauge hia own strength, and refuse to supplement it by any delusive and fictitious stimulant.


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