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Use, Not Abuse, Leisure

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Increased facilities for accornplishing the requisita work of the household bnng leisure to the mothers and daughters. - Too often this leisure is frittered away in shopping, visiting and superfluous sewing in a manner which is absolutely less improving to the inind than the drudeery which it replaoes. But there are sóme who find such a life unsatisfaotory, and yet know not how to find a better one. - Surprising at it may be to those women who find occupations drawing them from all directions, and who are eompelled, by lack of timu and strength, to turn away trom attractive work, there are honest inquines after something to do, among those women who, in comfortable homes find themselves the possessors ot some spare hours every week. In every large city there are many improving methods which such persons may pursue. There are women'a charities, which cali forlaborers; there are classes in Euglish branches and .foreign languages which they may join for a trilling sura ; there are agreeable industries which will bring in a little p"ocket nioney, where the income is not sufficient to allow luxuries. In the country the opportunities are less, and yet killed workers are rarely lelt idle. If every young girl, who is not kept busy ia the household, whould prepare her.-elf, as far as her circumstauces perinit, for soine systematio, usful expendilure of her time and strength, there would be less excuse for the favorite newspaper charge that wotnen are frivolous. It is frivolous to spend day after day hunting for acloth of a particlar shade ; and more days in matching it in silk and velvet, ribbon and feather ; more days in complicating them all into a " suit," to be displayed in a series of " gossipy " calis and more shopping jannts ; when there are boundless reahns of curious fact, wonders to be seen and heard, great thoughts and beautiful fancies to be pondered, and a world of men and women with bodies to be clothed and fed, inind8 to be cultured, and souls to be saved.


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