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Bottled Sentences

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Many ingenious methods are recoramended by the Cornhül Magazine for the writing of those delicate and loving missives which ynuth in springtime desire ihat no other eyes but theirs should beïold. Ovid advised young ladies to deceive all pryiug eyes by a letter written with sour milk. An ink is also recoramended tohe used, with the ichorof glowworms. This sure recipe inay be read by the moon or stars, and is suitable for young persons who intend to subsist durng the honeymoon on roasted butterflies. Billet-doux may also be written on the inside of a scabbard, or an arinor, a bullet, an egg, or rolled up in a hollow stick. They may also be concealed in a lady's hair. Considering the vastness of that subject nowadays, there is some chance of the billet being lost. A learned Dutchínan recommends a hazel nut. But the greatest plan of all is the following, given with all gravity by the loarned pundit : Let a man breathe forth the words, " I love you " in a hollow cane, herinetically sealed at the farthest end : then bottle it up. When the young lady receives the cane, removes the seal, and applies the end thereof to her delicate ear, she will hear the identical words as given by her Lord Mortiiner. She must not, however, mi8take her lover for a stick, as that might lead to a commencempnt of hostilities.- Among other relies in acelebrated church at Madrid is preserved in crystal a grnnt given by Joseph, in the oxneution of bis trade. Bottled sentences are, therefore, much older than bottled stout, or even the demond who is supposed to have his habitation in the bottle. Henry Ward Beecher has but little Puritanism in him. Only think with what horror his ancestors would have heard the following reply of íhe Brooklyn preacher to a query as to whüther it is wicked to dance : It is wicked when it is wicked, and not wicked, when it is not wicked. In itself it has no more moral character than walking, wrestling or rowing. Bad company, untimely hours, evil dances, may make the exercise evil ; good company, wholesome hours and home influences tnay make it a very great benefit.


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