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A Gigantic Evil

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liev. S. B. Eossiter, of New York, in a sermón delivered the otherday, said : There are 65,000,000 gallons of distillcd liquora and 9,000,000 barrels of fermented liquors drunk annually in this country There are 250,000 dram shops where thig liquid damnation is dealt out. ïhere are $378,000,000 spent annually lor distilled 'liquors and $216,000,000 for fermented liquors, taken from the bodies of little children, from the table and the home, to gratify one base passion. More money is spent for liquor than for schools, churches and.missionary enterprises put together. Besides thig, the rum traffic costs the country 500,000 able-bodied men, taken from useful occupations, the grain and fruit taken from their legitímate uses. Add to this the cost of courts, of jails and asylums, the support of 800,000 drunken paupers and their children, and you have a sum total which makes the devil chuckle on bis hellish throne. Two-thirds of the crime, one-third of the idiocy and lunacy, and three quarters of the poverty are caused by this traffic. This is the evil against which men fight and women pray. Do you wonder that men become frantical, that women leave the retirement of home and kneel in the mud and ruin before the rumseller's door 'i Do you wonder that God is moved out of the usual majesty of His dealiug in view of this gigantic evil V On'ly those afflicted with chatiped hands can appreciate the suffering of many hand workors during the winter montfes. We give a recipe that may be relied on as a cure for the malady : One ounce each of spermaceii, white beeswax gum oaraphor, and two ounces of almond ml. Put m a tin cup, plaoe in a vessel of boiling wator, and ïnelt together. Every time the hands are wet rub a little of this over thetn. Linseed oil and commoa beeswax will answer the purpose, but ointment ii not gonice as the above. fifog


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