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The Tigress

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New York, April 11.- Capt. Bartlott, of the whaling steamer Panther, arrived at St. Johns, Newfoundland, yesterday, and gives the following account of his meeting with the Tigresa, and a story of the terrible disaster on board that vessel : On Priday, April 3, when the Panther was in longitude 51 degrees 15 minutes west, latitude 50 degrees 22 minutes north, ou her return to St. Johns, the lookout reported a steamer, apparently moving only under sail, with her flag at half-mast. After signaling her, he says, I went on board myself, when I discovered her to be the steamer Tigresa, of Polaris faine. Her captain and chief officer were on deck. I was then informed that on Thursday, April 2, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the vessel was shaken all over by the terrific explosión of her boiler, which created great terror and confusión, as the escaped steam completely enveloped every compartment below. In consequence, all steam facilities had been destroyed, and they had then been under sail with a head-wind 24 hours. When I reached the deck of the Tigresa a number of men were making up and nailing together rough pine wood boxea. I asked the coramander what they were for, and he said they weie designed for receiving the bodies of the unfortunate men who had been killed by the explosión. On the day of the explosión the weather was dreadfully cold, with a stiff breeze blowing and heavy swoll on. A number of uien had gone below after watch, and had turned in on the top of the boiler for the sake of the warmth. Nineteen of the crew were repoBiug in this way when the crash occurred, and some of them were literally scalded beyond recognition. - The consternation was fearful. Two engineers were on duty at the time, and both were killed. ' It is noticed as a singular fact that Judge Curtia, who is the caucus candidate in Masaachusetts for Sumner's seat, was a Whig member of the Legislature that first elected Charles Sumner, and was so indignan t at thecoalition of Democrats and Free Soldiers by which this was effected, that he declared it as bis legal opinión that it was indictabla as tt conspiracy under the general law.


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