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- For a great many years the Deinocracy have consoled themselves iu defeat, by attempts to prove that they had either gained or just missed a viotory, and that the obstinate election figures didn't exactly give them their duo. And now Republican journalists are emulating the noble and time-honored example, aijd essaying to prove that the Republicana hare absolutely lost no ground in either New Hampshire or Connecticut, that the Democrats are not as strong in those States as a year, ago : in short that " every thing ia lovely and tho goose hangs high." - If Hon. Burt Van Horn, of Lockport, N. Y., is correctly reported Senator Chandler can take a third libel suit on his hands. Mr. Yan Horn is reported as saying in a recent temperance speech, referring to a suit against the Free Pret : "Let Zack Chandler sue me. I have 8een him drunk time and again." This Mr. Yan Horn was a inember of the XXXVII., XXXIX, and XL. Congress, and wás and is a Republioan. - Madame Loyson (that is, the wife of Pere Hyacinthe) has written a 'letter to the American ladies engaged in the temperoiice crusade. She gays : " The evil is so deep that it will take a generation at least to cure it," and advises that prayer "be followed by good works." She eujoins a reformation of the table, and coasing to créate " an appetite that ever craves for liquor ;" also that " instead of rye for whisky, grapes for nativo wine be raised." - Lansing has voted $50,000 for a high school building, and $6,000 for tw ward school house sites. We advise Lansing to spread the high. school building out on the ground, so that measurement up will not be its chief claim to the title, or even one of its claims. It is time to stop sacrificing convenience and health to architectural grandeur, and the law-makers of the State might do a good work in prohibiting any school building being more than two stories high. - Arkansas has " revoluted." The foul deed was done on the 15th, on which day James Brooks, armed by a writ of ouster froni a circuit judge. took forcible possession of the State House, and assumed the role of Governor. Governor Baxter has established hiinself at St. John's College, proposes ttoe proclamïtion of martial law, and has called upon the President for aid. Bloodshed is imminent. - Dr. J. A. B. Stone, chairman of the Exocutive Committee of the Michigan State Woman's Suffrage Association, has issued a cali for a meeting to be held at Lansing on the 6th of May next, The object of the meeting is to stir up the faithful and secure the adoption in November next of the constitutional provisión for woman suffrage. - When Grant was charged with being druuk during the war, it was told that Lincolu expressed a desire to get some of the same brand of whisky for other generáis; and now the Gratiot Journal (Rep.) wanLs Chandler to keep drunk all the time, provided he was drunk when he made his recent anti-iuflation speech. - We copy in another column a severe but just criticism of the Democratie inflationists of the Senate. The World is doing good service in exposing these recreant Democrats to the public gaze. - Democratie legislators must cease to advocate protection or a shinplaster currency or lose standing in the party. - Catholics are not permitted to join the Grangers, or the Catholic organ at Detroit, the Western Home Journal is at fault. Itsays: "The 'Grangers' f orm a secret society, with which no Catholic can become afliliated. The rule is laid down by the Church, and that should end the matter." - On Saturday last Murat Halstead, of the Cincinnati Commercial, was arrested on a charge of advertising a lottery or " grand gift concert." We have rejected the same ad. twice, but see it in a large number of our Michigan exchanges. And the laws of Michigan are as stringent as thoso of Ohio. - The Grand Rapids Post of the llth inst. said : " The expenses of Dr. Livingstone's funeral were defrayed by the British government. It took place at Westminster Abbey." A little premature, considering that the remains of Dr. Livingstono had not yet arrived in London. - At the Kalamazoo Charter election on Mouday last the Union ticket was elected by a large majority. It was headed by Dwight May, for President. A burlesque office ticket, constituted entirely of defeated candidates for postina&ter, received 83 votes. - In the United States Court at Detroit, on Saturday last, Mrs. Lottie A. Moore, widow of tho late E. W. Moore, obtained a verdict for $5,095.42 against the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company. The defense of the Company was suicide. - The vote of Whittier for Senator froni Massachusetts was doubled on the twenty-fifth ballot. Up to that time he had received one vote, but on that ballot two votes were given him. One hundred and thirty-one (only) were necessary for a choice. - On Mond iy last, by a vote 178 to 41, the House passed a bill providing fo1 the circulation of newspapers in the county where published free of postago, and for the free exchange of newspapers, magazines and periodicals. - The people of Hillsdale county are not unlike those of this and other counties, and 80 at the recent election they voted down a proposition to loan moneys to build a new jail, - the majority against being about 800. - A convention was held at Detroit on Weduesday, in the interest of vessel owners, and resolutions adopted protesting against bridging the Detroit River, and diiclaring in favor of a tunnel. - " The whangdoodle mournth for its first born :" and so the Ypsilanti Commercial mourns over the election of Woodruff, the temperance caudidate for City Clerk. A " cheap John." - Sometime ago the Chicago 'Times called one Wm. H. Bush, a lawyer of that city, " a shyster," and now the said Bush has obtained a $10,000 judgment against the Times for libel. - Jjeaning on a broken reed : looking to the President to veto the Sonate inflation bill now waiting his signature. He is n't statesman enough to do that little job. - The Senate took up Mr. Carpenter's Louiaiana bill on Tuesday, which provides for a new election. Mr. Frelinghuysen made a speech against it.


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