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Township Officers Elected

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We continue our report of Township Officors elected on Monday, the 6th inst. : YORK The Demócrata elected all their candidates but two, the heretofore unbeaten Peter Cook hoading the Republican ticket and ooming out 44 behind. There must be a first time, Peter. The officers elect are, - the figures designating majorities : Supervisor - Jesse Warnor, 44. Clerk- William W. Kelsey, 6. Treasurer - Nathttn A. Waugh, 7. Justico - Eugene A. Reynolds, 14. School Inspector - George E. Sanford, 6. Drain Commi8sioner Archibald D. Mclntyre, 12. Cominissioner of Ilighways - T. White, Rep., 28. Constablos - Nahum A. Waugh, Alphonso W. Montonye, James Gauntlet, Rep., Horace Shepard, Rep. DEXTER. The Democrats of course had it all their own way, without opposition enough for fun, electing : Supervisor - Patrick Fleming. Clerk - James H. Lyman. Justioes - Byrón Green, Patrick Rabbet (vacancy). Commissioner of Highways - T. Murry. Drain Comruissiner - Richard Webb, Senr. Constables - Edmund Ferris, James Riley, Michael Guinon, Thos. Dolan. YP3ILANTI TOWÍÍ. The eloctors of this town are chained to their idols, and, no Democratie ticket being in the field, Republican candidates had it all their own way, and were unanimously elected. They are : Supervisor - W. Irving Yeckly. Clerk- Chas. M. Hubbell. Treasurer. - Geo. Rogers. Justice - Benj. D. Loomis. School Inspector - Ed. C. Warner. Commissioner of Highways - Orrin B. Hinman. Drain Commissioner - Geo. D. Wiard. Constables- Hiram M. Eaton, Samuel Fletcher, Wtn. H. Lay, John Chicken. SALEM. This town " which used to was" present a solid Republican front, and in which Democrats were thought to have no rights which their opponeuts were bound to respect, elected the whole " Union ticket," except Treasurer, and that active Democrat, Thos. Shankland was beaten for that office by only 3 votes. The officers are : Snpervisor - John Crandall. Clerk- Darwin D. Cook. Treasurer- Geo. Herrick. Justices - Lorin G. Ovenshire, George N. B. Renwick (vacancy), 3 years ; Calvin Wheeler (vacancy), 2 years ; Eliakim T. Walker (vacancy), 1 year. School Inspectors - Charles D. Smith (vacancy), 2 years ; Elam Worden (vaoancy), 1 year. Drain Commissiouer- Lorenzo D. Perkins. Highway Cominissioners - Wm. Murray (vacancy), 3 years ; James B. Vanatta (vacancy), 2 years. Constables - Thos. E. Shankland, John McCormick, Frank Oveushire, Dwella E. Smith. SHARON. The Democrats held their own, electing the whole ticket except Treasurer. The officers are : Supervisor - Emerson Annabil. Clerk- Ashley Parks, Jr. Justice - Elnathan C. Fish. Treasurer - Samuel H. Smith, Rep. Highway Commissioner - D, G. Rose (full term), Harvey Blackman (to fill vacancy). Drain Comraissioner - John O. Solfe. School Inspector - Frank Hall. Constables- Matthew J. Flynn, Martin Kappler, Frank Hall, Daniel Buren. Ox the 9th inst, Congressman Conger - who learned all the crooked ways of finance in practicing law up at Port Huton - took a tilt at the currency, avowed himself the defender of labor against capital, and went in for infiation. - ■' Jones" - he who wrote two speeches for Moses - had nothing to do with this speech of Conger's. It was his, every word of it, and we can see him knit his ye-brows as he jerked out the sentences and sent the barbed arrow home. We will only quote a single paragraph the closing one, aimed of course at Gov. Dix. It is : Sir, let the governors of States díctate to subservient Legislatures their high-sounding manifestoes, in not overelegant language, ot inatructions to this Congress in furtherance of the memorials of merchant prinoes and milliouaires. I cannot teil how submissive others may become, but for me, I will await with confidence the verdict of that loyal, enterprisiug, intelligent host of toilera and laborera of the earth whose confiding trust may indeed be outraged, but whose avenging wrath will be terrible it once aroused. We pause in breathless anxiety. We almost see that " host of toilers" grabbing for green backs, and the more they get the more they will grab for, for give CoNGER and his co-inflationists full rope and greenbacks will come to be worth about the same as the Continental currency or the wild-cat bank currency of 1837 : it will take a nat full to buy a dinner.


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