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The House on Tuesday, by a vote of 140 to 102, passed the Senate finance bill, ■which now only wanta the signature of the President to become a law and iiiake the iuflationists happy. Itis: Section 1. That the maximum amount of United States uotes is herebv ñxed at $400,000,000. Sec. 2. That $46,000,000 in notes for circulation in addition to such circulation now allowed by law shall be issued to national banking sociations now organized, and which may be organized hereafter, and such increased oirculation shall be distributed ainong the several States as provided in section 1 of the act entitled an act to provide for the redemption of three per centum temporary loau certiticates and for the iucrease of natioiial bank, approved July 12th, 1870, and each national banking association now organized or hereafter to be orgauized shall keep and inaintain as part of its reserve required by law one-fourth part of the coin received by it as interest on bonds of the United States deposited a6 security for circulating notes or govornment deposite, and that heroafter only one-fourth of the reserïe now prescribed by law for national banking associatious shall consist of balances due to an association available for the redemption of its circulating notes from associations in cities of redemption, and upon which balances no interest shall be paid. Several fires oceurred in Detroit on Tuesday afternoon, the principal one orlginating in the engine room of the manufactory of the Detroit Burial Case Company, corner of Third and Congress streets. The factory was entirely destroyed with its contents. Loss estiruated at froui $00,000 to f 70,000, with insurance in the sum of $20,500. The falling of the east wall crushed a wooden dwelling in which two families resided, but which was vacated before the fall. The burning ernbers set fire to several buildings four or five blocks away, and a general conflagration was imminent, but persistent and hard work subdued the flamea. The Port Huron Times says word has been received from the managers of the Flint and Pere Marquette Railway that they will soon be ready to complete ' rangements for extendiiig their road to ! that city, uniting the Saginaw and St. Clair Company with the Port Huron aBd ] Saginaw Company. ' Ox TrESDAY the Massachusetts Legisiature ballot ed five times for Senator, with indications of a break up, Dawes and Hoae falling. off and Adams and Wasiibtjk?." gaining. But on Wednesday the one ballot taken showed the Dawes men firra again, and it is announoed that a cauous of his friends, previously held, delermined not to abandon hiiu. It was the twenty-ninth ballot and stood : - Dawes, 92 ; Hoar, 59 ; Curtis, 71 ; Adama, 28; Banks, 7 ; Washburn, ; Süiiford, 4 ; Whittier, 1. Necessary to a choicc, 134.


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