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The Mayor of Dayton has ismif-d the following: FROCLAMATION. Whereas, It bas beooine apparent to this Board that the visita of the reoently organized bands of ladies to the vaiious saloons in ttie city, and the occupation by them of the sidewalks and streets for religious exercises, have, on several occasions, attracted large crowdsof riotousand disorderiy persons who asseinbled in the vicinity of such numbers as seriously to theeateu the peace and good order of the city, and materially to obstniot the free and proper use of both the sidewalks and the streete ; and, Wilekeas, It is by the laws of this State, uulawf ui for any person or persons, by agent or otherwise, 1. To anyquantity, intoxicating liquors (except wine manufaetured of the pure juice of the grape, cultivated in this State, beer, ale or eider), to be drank in or upon the premises where sold, or in or upon any adjoining premises connected therewith ; 2. To sell any intoxicating liquors, whatever, without exception, to minors, unless upon the written order of their parents, guardians, orfamily physiciaus ; 3. To sell intoxicating liquors, of any kind whatever, to persons intoxicated, ör in the habit of getting intoxicated ; and Whereas, All places where liquors are sold in violation qf these laws are declared public nuisanoes, and upon conviction of the keeper theroof are required to b shut up and abated as such ; therefore, Be it known, that orders have been issued to the pólice forcé of this city to prevent tho uee and occupation of the streets and sidewalks, as aforesaid, and to give special and careful at.tention to the enforcement of the said laws, and inake prompt arrest of any and all persons violating the same. By order of the Pólice Board. WM H. SIGMAN, Mayor and ex-officio President Pólice Board.


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