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3 School Teachers Wanted in each county for tho Spring and Slimmer. %15O per inoiilli. Seiid tur circular giving full pai tieulara. ZIKtfLJEB ft MoCUKDY, Chicago 111. WILD LBFE FA'B"7 AENT8 WA5TEÜ everyirherê for this new and beautifully illustrated Book of tlie Author's tliirty years' Life and Adventures among the Indiana, in the Mexican Wars, hunting wild animals, &c. Tfirilin;,'if intertsting, and selling fastnr than anything ever before kaown. Send for illuntrated circular and terms. P. A. HUTCHINSON & CO., Chicago, III. 1474 BOY J. & P. C0AT3' BLACK ■THKEAE for jour MACHIl FLOWERS C Ij AIjIÚEIV offers his surplus stock of CHOICE MIXED GLADIOLAS at wholesale for J3 per 100, $20 per 1,000. Sent by expresa upon receipl of price. Send for catalogue. addreaa 1'. I.. AI.I.1O, Jimiiis, N. Y. l ÏHE LONU-CONIESTED tíUIT OF THE U FLOKKNCE SUWINtí MACH1.NE ('O. n Kttinst the Singer, Wheeler & Wilaon, W il and Grover & Baker Compaiiiea, iavolvini' over Y E $350,000, M ÍJ Is finally decided by the öupreme Court f] of the United titates in favor of the Florence, ;H wliieh alone hiifi Broken the Monopoly F of High Viuce, THE NEWT'LORENCE JÍ Is the ONLY machine that aews buckwHid -a U and foiwtird, or to ri;ht and left. Lj Simplest- Cheapest- Best. d Sold for Cash Only. Special Tkbms to ïJ H I I IIS I , Ikl Al.llfs. U April, 1S-4. Florence, Maas. U S3L-ÜC2ÏCSLa5S] íY3L3aa0SSSY tí "pSTCHOMANCT, OE SOUL CHARMING ' A How either sex may fascinate and gain the love nnd affections of any personthey choose, inatantly. This simple mental aequirement all can possesa, free, by mail, for '-'5 cents; together with a Marriage (itlide, Eyptam Oracle, Dreams, Hints to Ladies. A queer book. 100.00U sold. Address T. W1LLIAM & CO., Publishers. Philudelphia. TT %Êt Eatera cured permanently ■ cheap, (juick, without sufI fsriny. The only true anI tldote. 8. ö. Aemstronq, JL M. V ASÍ M. !., Berrien, Michigan. fefe EXTERMINATOR '" ASÍD INSECT FOWDER, For Rats, Mice, Roaches, Ant?, Bed-Bugs. Moths, &c J. F. HENKY, CUUKA.V t CO., N. Y. Sole-Agent. AtcLisoii,Topeka and Santa Fe BAILROAD. THREE MILLIÖiTaCRES LIBERAL TERMS TO IMVROVERS. 11 YEARS CKEDÏTTiFeR CBNT. INT. Nfl l';nt of the Pi'iuciiml jmyable for Four Years, FXE GRAIN-GROWISG IiEGlON. Trncts of one and two thousand acres available for Neighborhood Colonies, or for Stock Farms. Excellent Climate, with Pure Flowing Water. " I would say, that in the course of nuiuy yeara, "and throughextensive travel, I have not seeu a more "inviting country, nor one whieh otfera greater in"ducements, with fewer obiections to tettlement, "than these lands of the A.T. & S. F. U. K.1'- Extract Jfeport of Ifenry Stewart, Agncultural Editor American Agriculturalist. For full particulars inquire of A. K. TOrZALIN, Land Commissioner, Topeka, Kansas. E. B. Pond, Local Ayent, Ann Arbor, Midi. SOMETHIJYG NEW! No Corurnissions - All Free ! I hT opened A REGISTE at. iny office, in R. W Eli is .V ( n.'s Dbugstobk, fox the accoiumodation of the pubüc, where thoae who have stores, houses, lots, farms, cattle, horses, buggies. or any other property, 01 to rent, may register the sanie for convenience of those who muy wish to parchase or rent. ttï There will be no charge to either seller or purchaser, providcd when a sale or rentare is effected by the owner, he wil] at unce cali and cancel the same on thf Register. 1473 A. DkKOREST. TAM ES McMAHÜN, Jiistice of the Peace, Office in new blook, North of Court House Money collected and promptly pald over. INSURANCE A&E3STT. Tritnnph, aaasta, $727.903.11 Norm Missouri, " 45,417 91 fflbérnl, " 350,000.00 BEAL ESTATK. I have 80 acn-H r,f Intuí '„" of a mile froin the city units, flucly located for fruit or garden purposes. , Also 40 acres. Also 10 acres, with lumse and barn.and a llvel stream of waterruuning through the barn yard. 60 acres, a mlleout. 1 wil] sell mij or all the ibove cheap, or exchanse for cit property. 13T4yl JAMES McMAHON. jVJOTICE! Office of nu: Ank Arbor O.s I.ioht Comfany. Aun Arbor, Alarch 27, 1874. Notice is hereby given that the Aiinual meeting oí" the Stockholdera of tlie Ann Arbor Qaa Light Oompnny, for tho election of oificers and the tiansactiou of snch other business as shall prop!rly come before the meetinfr, will be held at tlie office of the Compnny. in the city of Ann Arbor, on Fridav, the tenth day of April, 1874, at 2 o'clock P. M. S. H. DOUGLA8, Secy. "P O E SXl E I ' !,)00 Apple Trees Fit for Setting. Inquire of Arthur Berry at nursery on Mlller Avenue, or of the subscribir, ihird story over Savings Bank. Ann Arbor, April 9, 1874. JAMES B. OOTT. Y7"ANTED ! J 100 Locust Posts. ï HÏIt A.W WALKER, "' ïfutic Hall, Betroit. SPRI1BÖ0IS AT BACH & ABEL'S A Large and well-selected stock at thclowest cash priceg. We invite an inspection of our assortment of and would cali especial attention to our brand of BLACK ALPACAS "THE KARIJÜ STUAItT," Acknowledged to be Muperior to any other iuiported. Chaney Brothers, American, and Lyons BLACK SILKS at reduced prices. . A LARGE LINE OP Bleached and Brown Cottons including most of the popular branda, Hill's, Lonsdales, Wamsuttas, New York Mills, &O. A WELL SELECTED STOCK OF WHITE & LH GOÜ!. A full line of the eelebrated A. T. Stewart ALEXANDRIA KID GLOVES The best Glove imported. BACH & ABEL. POE SALE OE EXCHAÑGK ! The undersigned offers his Farm of 42 acres, OM mile frura the Sute ['uiversity, iu tho Towuahip ot A.nn Arbor, for salo. It baaon it ucouveuieut houw, two barns, a üne apple orchard ; besiilts a variety oí imall fruits. Also the undivided half of 237 acres lear Grand Rápida. City property in Grand Rapids, Detroit, or Aon irbor taken in part payment. February 12, 1B71. 1ti6m3 JOHN M. CHASE.


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