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Cabds. - Circulare. _ Bill-Heads. Lettor-Heads. - Shipping Tags. - Priuted at the Aegus office. _ In the best style and chf.ap. - Don't order elsewhere before calliiiy:. Satisfaction guaranteed in every respect _ Xow is the time to subscribe for the Aegüs. _See the advertsement of Charles Fantle. - " Now is the winter of our discontent." .-"VVeare indebted to Dr. Sager for a late copy of the Charleston (S. C.) News and Courier. - The postoffice war is not yet ended, butit is confidently predicted that C. (i. Clark, of the Courier, is bound to win. - The new Common Council is to hold ita flrst session on Monday evening next. And then a new deal ot the city officers. - Wiues & Worden are enrolled as Abous advertisers this week. They have a large stock aud offer rare iuducements to customers. _ " Picket guards " are proposed by the tem. perance ladies : to discover what minors visit saloons and list all parties entering them Suudays. _ Joe T. Jacobs & Co. hoist their colorsin the ARQls columns this week. It will pay to visit their store and examine their case of furnishïng goods. - Di. Pratt, of the Fifth ward, is making an active campaign for the Marshalship, and keeps his dozen or more rivals stin-ed up to the work l're-eminent fitness is the doctor's motto. - Judge Cheeverhas been waited upon by a conimittee of the Ladies' Temperance Union and aaked to appoint an inspector oí liquors. The law is a stringent one against adulterations. -Mack & Schinid rushed things at tneir Ribbon sale " on Saturday last,- and ever since. AU because of that advertisement in the ARors. Let sleepy business men irofit by their example. A íreight train going west yesterday forenoon ran into the caboose of a train standing on the track near the Kellogg crossing, piled it upon the car in front, and damaged the looomotive. Nobody hurt. - Three more divorces have been granted in the Circuit Court since our last report : Cecelia A. Hart from Allen Hart ; Anna Xorth from (jeorge W. North ; and Dümtha Watrous irom Daniel S. Watrous. _E. C. Seaman, Esq., assignee inbankruptcy of Miller & Webster, has called -a creditors' meeting to be held at the office of H. K. Clark, Esq., Detroit, on the 29th inst. Look out for a homeopathie dividend. - In the Circuit Court on Monday an order waaentereddischarging the petit jury for the t;rm, in order that Judge Craue could give his exclusive attention to clearing the Chancery culeudar and upoeing of the " Court cases." - Trof. Watson has received his papers, taken the oath of allegiance, subscribed the articles of war, and holds himself ready to sail for the Oriënt via. the Occident. He holds our application for the position of " Chaplain to the expedition " under advisement. - Weather seers say that the total eclipse of the sun advertised to come off yesterday in South America and África, has been at the bottom of our " long spell " ot cold dry weather, disagreeable wiuds, etc, and predict an agreeable change novr that it ia over. Let it come. - Mm Goetz has settled a suitbrought by the parents of young Brownell, claiming damages in the suin of í.5,Q0l), by paying $150 and stipulatingtoseJl the Brownells no more liquor. The older Brownell had been in the habit of drinking with his son at the saloon of Goetz and had told him to let the son have liquor when he sent forit. The day he got the bottle filledhe drank nothing there.


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