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1 rom l,ill)i lo $5,000 to Laan on Bonds and Mortgages. None but nret-elaaa security taken. Apply to II. M. Tabeb, 41 Ann St. Eleculioil and Ithetorïc tftught at the Business College voorns, three cvenings per week, from 8-to 9 o'tlock. Commenclng Monday evening next. Class conducted by Mrs. C. E. Pond. ïerins - L2 per month in advance. Tliiriy Vean' F.xperiencc of an Olil 11 rsc. Mr. Winslow's Sootliintr Syrup is the prescription of one of the best Fetnale Phy&icians and Nurses in the United States, and bas been used for thirty years with never failing safety and succesj by millione ef mothers and children, from the feeble infant of one week old to tbc adult. It corrects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the boweU, and gives rest, health and comfort to mother and child. We believe it to be the Best and Suresi. Remedy in the World in all cases of DYSENTERY and DIARRHCEA IN CHILDREN, whetherit ariaes from Teetbing or froia any other cause. Full directions for u&ing will accompany each bottle. None Genuine unies the fac-simile of CURÏIS & PEKKINS is on the outside wrapper. Sold by all Medicine Dealers. 1436t1 Dr. JLewitt, hereby notiües his patrons that he has returned from his western tour and has resumed the praetiee ot' his profession. Office in the Haven Block. Dated, Ann Arbor, March 9, 1874. Children Often Look Palc and Sick From no other cause than having worms in the Btomach. BROWN'S VERMIFUGE COMFITS Will destroy Worms without injury to the child, being perfectlv WHITE, and f ree from all coloring or other mjurious ingredients usually used in worm preparaCÜRTIS & BROWN, Proprietors, No. 215 Fulton Street, New York. Snld bif Druggists and Chemisls, and dealers in Medicines at Twknty-Five Cents a Box. 143(iyl HOUSEIoLÍTX You To all persons suffering ■n . --r . n-n from ltheim atismt NeurAWAuhA ndgia, Cramps in the ! Colic, Pain in the back, 1 bowels or side, we would AND - say, the Household Panacea and Family Lini mknt ia of all others tl ie remedy you want lor inX1 A IWI Tl" "V" ternal and external use. X1.1V-1J.JJ i [t has cured the above ! complaints in thousands of cases. There ia no misT T ATT Tyri? ATT takeaboutit. Tryit. Sold L11N ÏIVLLIN I' :by all Drugiats.


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