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Useful Hints For The Home Circle

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To clean a browued porcelain kettle. boil peeled potatoes in it. The porcelain will be rendered nearly as white as when new. Consumptives, and othcrs in feeble health, we learn have been greatly benefited by drinking half a tumblerful of warm blood twice a day. At the last accounts n dozen persons weredaily visiting the slaughter-house near Boston for the purpose stated. One person asserts that he has gained ten pounds in ten weeks. Another, thought to be a confirmed consuniptive, says he is now strong enough to " knock down a bullock ;" and a lady, suffering from paralysis for six years, is improving beyond her most sanguine hopes. A hot shovel held over varnishod furniture will take out white spots. Save your suds for garden plants, or for garden yards, when sandy. If your flat-irons are rough, rub thera with fine salt, and it will make them smooth. Wood ashes and common salt made compact with water, will stop the cracks of a stove, and prevent 'the smoke from escaping. A gallon of strong lye put into a barrel of hard water will make it as soft as rain water. If you are buying carpets for durability, choose small figures.


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