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House Plant Compost

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The Massachuselts Plo├╝ghman says that compost for house planta should bo made of the following ingredionts : 1. Good garden mold. 2. Mold ironi decayed turf, trom a pasture or field. ',i. Decomposcd stable or cow-yard manure. 4. Mold from decayed leavea. 5. Sfia or river saud, freo from salt. 6. Peat frorn tbe meadows, that bas been oxposed to frost. 7. Coarse sand or gravel. 8. Broken flower pots, charcoal, or oygter shells. 9. Old inortar or plastering. Garden mold will not be rieeded if thero is a supply ot' fine decayed turf mold. About one-fifth of the pot may be filled with the drainage materials, viz : broken bits of pots, charcoal, or oyster shells. If a little rneadow moss is placed over these, it will prevent the earth washing through. Compost for camellias, roses, geraniums, etc, should be : One part river sand, one part leaf mold, one part manure, two parts leaf and turf. or garden mold. Por cactuaes, two parts eoarse sand, three parts leaf and turf raold, one part peat, and a little broken piaster.


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