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An Incident Of The Crusade

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Dayton, Orno, is agitated upon the subject of a raid made by women upon the Dayton Clubhouse on Saturday evening last. A telegram sayg that, at about 9:30 on the evening mentioned, tho ladies went througli an alley and came into tho yard through a hole in the fence by pullïng off a loóse board. They found the back door open and entered, and thöre saw ten or twelve representativa men of the city conversing over their champagne. Some of the men were alarmed, and gathering their hats in a hurried manier, ran out of the back door and through the hole in the fence. All who tried sueceeded in getting through with the ex ception of a weïl-known ox-judge, who is rather obeso. He was almost out of breath when he reached the fence, and got half-way through tho opening when he stucfc fast, where he had to remain until the women fiuished their services. One of the gentlemen who remained, a prominent retail merchant, asked the ladies how they got in, and wben they told him through the back door, he desired them to go out the same way they came in. This they declinad to do, and they prayed and sang for a long time. The news spread over the city, and was received " everywhere Tvith surprise, because nobody had tbought that the women would have the moral courage to nmko a raid on this high-toned resort.


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