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Ir. J. Walker's California VinO!?nr Hittoi'S are a purely Vegetablo prcRVfition, mnde cliiofly from the naive herbá found on thelower rangen of tlieSierra Nevada monntains of California, the medicinal proporties of wuich are extractert therefrom without the use of Alcohol. The qnention ia alrnost dailyasked, "What is tlio cause of the unparalïeled success of u BITTERS?" Our nnswer is, that tliey remove the canse of discase, and the patiënt recovers his liealth. They are the prent blood purifier and a life-giving principie, i perfect Ilenovator and Invigorator of the system. Kever before in the history of the world has a medicine been compon nded possessing the remarkable qualities of VnfEOAR Bitters in healingthesick oí evWy disease man is heir to. They are :i gentle 'Purgative as wcll as a Tonic, relieving Congestión or Inflammation of tho Liver and Visceral Organs, ia Bilions Discases. 1 finen wlll enjoygood hcaltli, let Iliem use Yinegau Bittees as a medicine, and avoid the use of alcoholic stimulants in every forro. K. H. JIcDONAI.D GO., Druggiets and General Agenta, 8an Francisco, ClifoTni, aud cor. Washington and Charlton 8t., New York. Sold by lili Kmst'"1' and Dealers. MICHIGAN CENTRAL BAILKOVI. WINTER TIME TABI.B. PasaengertrainHnow leave the aevernl tations,(if follows OOINO WEB1. ■r- $é &'■ á STATIONh. _; , í g .o ■ ' - X o ' u o s -- tf -x, 5 ' ' as A. M.Ia. M.IP. M.'P. M.'p. M. P. M. Detroit, leave, i 7 1510 15! 1 20 4 OOi 5 4 10 SO Ypsilanti, 8 11 25 2 32 5 80 7 10 A. m. AnnArbor, 9 02 11 43 2 51 S SO! 7 45 12 05 Dexter, 'J 35 ', I 12 6 25 8 10 Chelsea, 9 52, 5 30, s so ■ Gmmljnke, . 10 19 p. M.1 3 S") ( 9 00 Jackson, 10 55 i 1 05 i 4.10 9 36 1 "SO lU. A. M. Knlamazoo, ! 2 20 3 401 7 40, 12 25 Ohioagoarrire, 30 _00_ 1 6 3H 8 30 OOINO KAST. . "i . Í3 &J A. 'S, M 8 5 3 V K 'S M ' -SPiOJU M a Pí.iía 5 o A. M.'A. M. P. M. P. M. Chicago, lenrp, 6 00 8 30 i 5 15 9 00 p. X. K. A. M. Kallimnzoo, 11 05 1 18 5 00; : 2 18 P. M. i A. M. .Tackeori. 2 SO; 3 55 8 00 12 30 4 (5 GrasBLukc, . 2 56; ! 8 301 1 Ohelse. 8 24! R 63 A. M. Dnxter, 3 41 9 09 6 tí Ann Arhor, 1 06 5 03 9 SSi'l 55 fi 00 B 55 Ypsilanti, 4 25 i 5 22 10 03; 2 17 fi 20 7 20 Detroit, arrive, 5 50! 6 25,11 20 ! 3 30: 7 25 1 8 45 The Atlantic and Pacific Express run betweeD Jackson and Xiles on the Air Line. DETEOIT, HILL8DALE & INÖIANA EAILEOAD. OOING WKRT. -1873- GOIÏJG EAST. BTATIONS. Maí. Exp. STATIONS. Kxp. Jlail. A. M. P. M.1 A M P M Detroit, dcp... 7:15 5:40 a. m. r. m. Ypsilanti 8:45 7:15 Bankers 5:45 2:15 Saline, 9:25 7:43 ! Hillsdlüe ftlS 2:80 Bridgewater . . 9:50 8:00 j Manchester.... 8:35 4:08 Manchester... .10:22 8:18 Bridgewater .. 9:0') 4:28 P.M. Saline 9:25 4:45 Hillsdale 1:00 fl:52 ! Ypsilanti 10:03 5:15 Bankers 1:15 10:00 Detroit 11:20 6:25 Trains run by Chicago time. W. F, PARKER, Sup't, Ypsilanti. RailroaD Accident ! Cases after cases ot' GENTS' YOIJTHS' AND BOYS' READY-MADE Spring and Sumnier CLOTHING! are continually arriving for WAGNER. The goods were bought for Ciish so low that they can and will be sold at prices Defyinfj all Compotition, and juHt suitable to those in need of CLOTHES, and pressed somewhat by hard times. Also those that take pride in wenring First-Class Clothes QïiTffTmrTfïiT i n "Will be áble to select frotn .the bct of Fèroign and Domestic makes of CASSIMERES AND VESTINGS And have them made at the sarae place in the la test Style, and Warranted to Fit before th y leave, If unything in Furnishing Goods line they should happen to need, everythinf in the Gents' Dressing line can be found at Lower Prices than at any other Ciuthing House ut _ . WM. WAGNER. No. 21 Sbuth Main St., Ann Arbor 1468tf "iOW TOJO WBST.f' This is an inquiry which every one shouid have truthfully answerea before he starts on his journey and a little care taken in examination of routes wil in many cases save much trouble, time and money. The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy liailroad has achieved a splenaid reputation in the last three years as the leading Passender Route to the West. 8tarting at Chicago or Peoría, it runs direct through Southern Iowa and Nebraska, with close connections to California and the Territories. It ifi also the short line and best line to Quincy, Missouri and points in Kandas and New Mexico. Passongers on their way westward connot do better than to take this route. This Une has pnbllshed a pamphletentitled -"How to ao Weüt," which contaius much valuable information ; a large, correct map of tho Great WeBt, which can bo obtained free of charge by addres-in the General Western Passenger Agent, Chicago. Burlington & Quincy Kailroad, Chicago, 111. 14Clyl AIBUPPLYING A WANT L O N G N E E D E D BY BAIVKKKS, """ I.AWYERS, ■■- PH1TSICÍAW8, ruF W iiiL.mi. IVl L WW OORRESPOND'IS, ____. BOOKKEEPEBg, MEHCIIANTX, f t BUSINESS OTEN, " -TT..., : One of the most practical, useful, und valuable inAND ventions of the age. Patented December, 1872. Over .".( i()() now in daily S C s F I usl"i ei ving nnqualiffed I % p p I i satisfaotiou. No business w f fci U f office is comiilete without I IM V E IM T ION. Send for Price List and Illustrated Circula:. AGENTS WANTED telSM Also, County Klghts for Sale. Addrcss C. A. ('Illlli. CHICAGO, ILT,. F IVE GrEESËrnSAmtóRS PIBST GJUALITT , ouetfntlyon hand and for 8 al eby B ACH Sr ABEL. MILLIOvS OF AGRES RICH FARMINfi LANDS IN NEBRASKA, NOW FOR SALE VERY CHEAP. Ten Ycars Credit, Interest Only Six Per Cent. DucripHve PoTnjMcts, wüh Swtiottal Maps gent Fret. THE PIONEER, handsome Illtistrated Paper. containinL tho HHM ilrarl La mailtd tree to all purtn of the world. Afldrcss, O. F. DAVIS, Land Comraissioner, U. P. R. R., Omaha, Nebkaska. i iUTFIl AP C klTCfor Cornell s 1) 'f WANTEU AütNlOi Family ,- Religión and Ilciilth miited - A iptendid premium to evtry en scriber- uothmfr like it in thp country - fl nreaumce-1'o.rtlcularsfree. -ü. B. Rüssell. Boston. "i nr"ÏTO ïïï h kITrn tor the LIFE and AGENT WAN l fcu adventure oí KIT CA.RSO3ST. By D. W. C. Teteus, Lient. Colonel. r. K. A. The oiily drtM and authrulir lite of Ameriona u'reatest Hunter. Trappn-, Scout "tul Quide. Full deacription of the Indian Tribes of toe Far Wat. Full aocount of the Modoc War. A good opportunity to make mniicv. 1 lUttiiit'1'! nirnularw 'ree. BI . PARKER & 00., ('iHonso, Til. $%$$ EXTERMINATOE For Hnts, Miee, Roaches, .Ante, Bed-Bng, Moth, &c J. F. HBNHY, GLUKA.N & CO., X. Y. Sole Agent 1W lüRK DAY-BtMIR A Demochatic Weekt,y. Establishod 1860. It supports H'l'Hi' Svpranacy polilical and sbciül Terms, S2 per ye;r To clubs, nine copies for Í8 Specimen copies freo. Address DAT-B00K, New 1 Yoik Uity. Wiitc for .i Pnce List lo 3. H. JOHXSKIV, HBEAT WESTERN Gun workS. 17!i Pmilhtiold St., rittsburp, Pa. bhot üuns. $4tto$:iOÜ. Uouble Bho Üuns, $8 to ilfiö. Sinffle Guns, $3 to $20. Rifles, $8 to 175. .Revolvers, $5 to 25. Pistols, $1 to $8. Gun Material, Fishinp: Tankle, &c. Larje discouvt to deal ers nr clubs. Ariny tíuna. Revolvers, etc, bouplit or tiaded tor. Gootls sent by exprese C. O. D. to be ex Hiuined bofore paid lor. MASO1VIC- Every Craftsman, Airent, PeddJe and ener;etic man out of employment sliouh write for the terms of "EUREKA." Profit larppr tlian any other article in markot. Makos kerosene oil safe ns a candle, and pvcoêtstê the breafetfff of chimney. LDOug"h in eaoli box for a year. Pric.1 35 cents. Frp.p, to extoms and Jnnitors. Send a stamp lortermsto EXTÏtEKA GENERAL A.GENCY, 1GO Genessce St, JTtica, N. Y. ; I BUY J. & P. COATS' BLACK THREAD for yon? MACHINE. ) ■ _ ' Ti ft T T V VVr Viil out : 'rrutn Tnumphant ! UI Ü U Acents, oldand younp, maleand ) ju I P I M femil'tí ni'ilí-1 more money Relling 111 LJ 1 11-' 1-1 i lour Frenen ind American Jewelry Book anti A$m4j than ut inything else. Ureateut inducementi- to Aents and Puichaaera. Cataloius, Terras aud full particwlara scmh tree to all. Addres 1471 P. O. VICKKRY, Augusta, Mame. TESTRABLE REAL ESTÁTE FOU S J L E I 1 The subsoribi-r, on account of iil health aflera bi i . In the corporution for sale. Thiu ground ftdjoins th Univei'Hitj Obsf:rvatory on tlie eut, opposite side o the street. It has a most excellent SPRINa ! i On tho northoast corner- forraerly supplied tin' U.u 1 road tanks with water. ; ITS ADVANTACES Are as follows: For city pnrposes the Huron Kiver meanders tl samu some 3U tu 40 rods, and is part of the beat vVater Power On the Eiver ia this vicinity, and the elevation on th corner is suríiciently hif?h and ampie lo sup ply the cüy necesaities for water and tire purpoae THE WESTERN PÓRTION On the road is very appropriate and suitable for Public City Cemetery. The city has no such grount now but must have soon, and whatever grounds th city doea not care to use, can be sold at an advantag so much so,that the cost of the Water Works grounds aad Cemetery, would be merely nominal, lf the city does not want the same, the grounds would be invaluable for FRÏÏ1TS, LARGE & SMALL, There being aonie 1P0 trees now in hearing Vegetables una Pasturage, And also for MILKsupply.BLOODED STOCK, Horses, Sheep, And other animáis always in great "want by many in the city and its vieiuity. As city lots adjoining the northwest corner of this land re now selling trom three hundred to three hundred and flfty dollars, these lands would or could be sold in a short time to a gooa advuutage and to much proüt to the purchasere LIBERAL TIlviTE Will be given or the pame will be exchanged for Mer chiintable goods or Druc; and Medicinen, at cast prices. TRACY W. ROOT. Ann Arbor, Jan 31 1873. 1411 M uï ïiimi ti ei 5 Briggs House, Randolph St. and Fifth Ave. CHICAGO. This well-known Hotel, rebuilt upon the old site, bx all the modern conveniences - Passenger Klevator, Il:ith Rooms, HotandCold Water in each Room, Elegonrly Furnished, and located in the business centre erf the Cll y.. TERMS: $3.00 Per Day. RICKCORDS & HUNTOON, - Proprletor.. THE GREAT CAUSE Just published, in a tSealed Envelope. Price'Gcts. A Lecturc on the Nature, Trcatmenl and Kadical cure of Seminal Weaknesa, Spermatorrhoaa, induced by Self-.ibuae, Involuntary Emis sions, Impotency, ííeivous Deuility, aud Impudiments 10 Marnuge {jenerally ; Consuiniïtion, Bpil cpay and Fits; Mentu] and Phyeica] Inoapaidty. o -By HOBBETJ. CULVEHWJiLL, M. IX, AÜthor of the ' Green Iiook," &c. The world-rünown author, in this admirable Lecture, clearly proves from his own experience that the awlul consequences of Self-Abuse may be effectually removed without mraliicine, aud without damjeiy ous aurtrical operations, bougies, instrumontw, rings or cordials, poiotiag out a moüe of cure at once certaiu and eftVctual by which every suüVrer, no matter what his oondition may be, may cure himself cheaply, privatclj and radioally. 1 Mis I.KCTURB ï1'11" A B00N T THUUSAN1)S AND Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to nny ad dress. on receipt of six eenU, or iwo aostagk amps, Address Uie Publishers, CHAS. J C. KLINE & C0„ 127 Bowery, New York, Postotnce Box. 458U. l6yl piIE BEST ACCOMM0DAÏIONS In the city for HORSES TO HAY AND GRAIN Is at the Monitor StabloB. J. V. N. OREGailT, A. JPT LET O HST 'S American CyclouaeOia. üew Rerlsed Fdition. Kntirely rewritten by the ablest writera on every aubject. Frinted from new type, and illuwtrated with Several Thousand Engrnvinge nd Map. Thk work originally publiahed nnder the tille of The New American Cyclopjedia whn completad ín 1863, fince which time the wide circulation which it has attaiued in all part uf the Uufted States, and the signal developments which have taken place in every branch of soienne, literaturo, and art, have iuduced the editora nud publinhers to submit It to ati exact and thorouííh, and lo itue a new edition entitledTHE Amebicam Ctox.oi'jsdia. ithin the lasi ten vean the progresa of discorery iu every depaitmeui ót kDowledge has made a nw wrk oí' refere nce un impera! ive want 'i he moTmen1 of politica] affairs has kcpt pace with tlio díacoveries of ecienoi , and Huir fruitful application to the industrial muí useful arta and the Loiivcüieiice and feflnenieo4 of gocia] life. O-reat waraaudooneeniisnt revoluti one have occurred,in volvmg nationai cnanges ot peculiar moment. The civil war of our own comit-y, whicli wt at itn height when tlie last volume of the old woik flppearedh&fl lmppily bet'U eiided, and a new ooune of commercial aad industrial activity ban been eunimenced. Large aceessions to our seographioal knovledge have been mude by the inrtcfutinMe exploren of a frica. The fjroat political revolutinns of the laat decade, with the natural rerolt of the hipste of time, have brooght ïoto public view a multitude of new men, whoae nam es are in every one'u mouth, tndof whoae li vos every one ia curioim to ktiow the partícula rs. (iieat battlea have bi-en tought uuti important siepe? maintiiined, of which thedetaÜR are hs yet prnserved only in the rtewvpaperB or in roe transieut pnblications of the day, but wliioii ooght now to take tbeii' place in permanent and iinthentichiwtory. In preparing the present edition for the pren, it has accordiiiylybeen the aim of the editors to bring down the Information to the latesi poeai ble dates, and to fuvuish an accurate account ot the most recent diHcoveriea in scieuce, of everj fresh produetion in litfratnre, and of the newest inventions in the practicad arts, as wellau to give a auccinct and original recorcl of the progress ol political and historical events. The work has been begnn after loug and carefiil prehminary labor, and with the most ampie resouucea tor carryingit on to a successful termination. None of the original stereotype platea have been used, but every pag'e hiis been printed on npwtjpe, forrainiriu fuct a new CyclopSBdia, with the sume plan and compasa as ita predecewsor, but with a fai preaterpecuniary expenditure, and with such improvementsin its compoeition aa have been suggceted by Jonger experience and enlarged knowledce. The ïllustrations which are introduced torthefirst time iu the present edition hnve been ndded not for the sake of pictorial effect, but to give greater lucidity and force to the explanations in the text. Tliey embrace all branches 01 science and natural history, aiul dt.'pict the most famona andremarkable featuree of scenery, architect ure, and art, as well as the viirioua proceaes of mechan ics and manufactures. AIthousrh intended ior iiistniction ruther than embelÜshmentf no paioa have been spared to insure their artistic excellence; the cost of their execution is enormous, and it ia beheved tliey will tind a welcome reception as an admirable feature of the Cyclopeedia, aud worthy of its high oharacter. Tliia work is sold to Hubscribers only, payable on delivery of each volume. ít will be completed in &ixteen larpe octavo volumes, ench oontaining about HOO pages, fully illufitrated with severa] thousand Wood finravinge, and with numerou&colored Litli)'rr;i})liic Maps. Price and Stylc of Bindinff. In exira Cloth, per vol. . $.1 00 In Library Leather, per vol. 6 00 In Half Turkey Morocco, per vol. 7 00 In Half Russia, extra gilt, per vol 8 00 In Full Morocco, antique, gilt edgea, per vol. 10 00 In Full Ruswia, per vol. lü 00 Four volumes now rAfidy. Succeeding volume, until coro plet ion, will be isaued once iu two months. pjiucs of the American Cyci.ofjedia, showins: type, illustrations, etc., will be sent gratis on applicfition. FlUST-Cl-ASS CANVAfcSINO AF,NT8 WaNTKD. Address the Publiehera, . APPLETOIV k CO., 549 & 551 Broadway, iV. V. rpHE MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. OF DETROIT. J. S. PAltRAN'U, - - - President. W. A. MOOKB, - - - Vice President JOHN T. LIGtiETT, - - Secretury. T.. M. THAYEU, - üen'l Afjent. Asscts Jaminry Ist, 1874 $500,335.41. The people of Michigan can no UmgQt aü'ord to pay tribute tn Eastern Otates by placiiif? their Life Insurance with Eastern Corapnnies, who by tlieir charters are compelled to loan their monny in théir own States, thus bcconiinp a heavy drain on the rew)urees of the State, when we have so reliable and well manageA Life Corapany hp the MICHIGAN MUTUAL. In 1873 the business of the f'ompnny was incrensed Fortyeiglit and onehalf per cent. of the total amouñt done the previous five years This shows the MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFÈ has the Confidence of the People. The lossea during the yoar 1873 were only FIFTYFIVE per cent of the amcunt the mortality tables eall for, nhowing rreüt eare in the selection of its risks. During1 the year J878 there was a macerial reduction ia the ratio of expenses showing CAPEFUL MANAGEMENT. The Michigan Mutual issues nll the most desira bh? forma of Life and eudowiuent Policies'. Diridends ftcrlarcd and Paid at Ihe end of tbc First Policy Year and each year thcreafter. All Policios ïioii-lorfeiting after one Animal Premium lias been paid. All Endowmont Policies ai'e convertible into Cash at the eud of any year after tiie iirst. Reiiablo inlomiiity at lowost í'jisIi ratcs culi hc procuretl oL (3ui tl itliiiin iHutual Ufe. GEO. L. FOOTK, Dis't Agent, Ypsilanti. J. Q. A. Sessions, Agent, Ann Arbur. Oeo. E. Foote, Agent at Dexter. QHAMBEES' ENCICLOPEDIA. A DICTION.UIY OT Universil Knowledge for the People. RKVISHD EDITION. WITH Maps, Plates, and Eugravings. Complete Iu 10 Vol, of 832 pages eacli. 'lluslrated wllh about Four Thmtand Engraringt and Forty Maps, toyeiher with a Series oj' from Efjtitij to One Iftwdrtd Elujunth ÉngravM T'tutff; - (Utatrótive of the Subjects of Taturál Higt&ty - nmo for the. FIRST time appearing in the tüorh. PRICE PER VDUJMB. Sxtra Clotn, beveled honrds, - - $5 50 jibrary Sheep. marbled edgea, - ti 00 lalf Turkey Movoeco, - - - 6 60 Tuis Edition is Sold om. y bt Agf.nts. Publiahed by J. II. LIPPINCOTT & CO., l'hilaelphia, Pa. ( SYLVANTS WAKREN, 789 Woodwnrd Avenu, ) )etroit, Ueneritl Agent ior the Stat1 of Michigan. ; ! By comparing Chambers' Encyciopredin with the ] iew American Cyolopeedia, - the work with which it i most frequently brought into comparison, it will , e foiind thüt while the ten volume of Chambere' ( ontani RS.O pages, the original Hxttm volumes oi the ( íow American contain lesa than 12,000 pages. It , ill alsi be found that a pase of Chumbera' containa ill one-fifth more matter than a Dage of the New ) mcrican, mailing the ten volumes of the iormer ] quivalent in amount of printed matter to at least j hirteen volumes of the latter, not to mention the r umerous Plates labout 80), Woodcuts (some 4.000), t nd Maps (nbout 40). that are included in this edition t ' Chambers', and to which the New American pos (j ases no correspondin features. It is confldently c elieved that as a popular " Dicttonaky of Univer al Knowlkdge," the work is without an equalin e he Englihh lenguaga. 1426yl i, PEE BEST ACCÜMMODATIONS ' In the city for BOARDING IIORSES Ib ot the Monitor Stnbles. 0: J. V. 2f. ffREGtORT.


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