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One Kind Of Cheap Transportation

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rom the JNew York JSvemng l'ost An ingenious person living on' the Pacific coast, thinks he has solved the problem of cheap transportation. He proposes the coustruction of , a line of air tubes between the grainfields of the Western States and the markets along the Atlantic seacoast, through which the corn and wheat and other grains shall be blown by means of immense fans or air compressors. The plan seems feasible in all particulars but one. We have sonie doubta as to the efficien cy of the power proposed. But this defect is easily reinedied. Let a comtnittee of (Jongress be appointed to furnish the motive power by inflation, and, if the committee is formed judiciously, we shall have no hesitation in approving the method proposed. With a committee of such gentlemen there would be no trouble in blowing grain directly from Minnesota to Maine, without the use of any way stations. An old lady hearing some one reading about a Congressman-at-large, rushed to the kitchen door shouting; " Sarah Jane, Sarah Jane ! don't you leave the clothes out all night ; mind, I teil you ; for there is a Congressman at large !"


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